Symbolic Frame

I have conducted my internship in International Financial Research Institution of Bank of China during my bachelor degree, acting as a research assistant. We 6 students came from different universities but all majored in Finance, working for Doctor Yuanlong Wang, who is the director of Bank of China (Australia) Ltd and also the director of Bank of China (Canada). For me, my main task was to sort out materials and analyze data for our research team. Xing Zhang, our group leader, had just graduated and would work in Bank of China in a few months.

He is an ambitious person who manage his impression as a capable leader and a person who have outstanding communication skills. For the rest of us, we want to act as a talent with superior professional quality and development potential in financial field. Xing Zhang maintained the mutual trust and harmonious relationship with colleagues through active consultation and experience sharing with them. He leaded us to do research in an effective way, step by step. And at the same time, we talking about the research in different perspectives, and we all gained many useful new ideas from discussion.

We all overdo work to show our solid financial foundation. Once, I made a preliminary conclusion based on financial data materials I had clarified after careful analysis. The conclusion I made and basic data materials I collected played an important role in the progress discussion of our research team, which made me very happy. Li He, another intern in our group through comparison of detailed data, she found out mistakes in documents, which greatly surprised our team. Bank of China is the oldest bank in China. Although it initially functioned as the Chinese central bank, in 1928 the Central Bank of China replaced it in that role.

Subsequently, BOC became a purely commercial bank. Talking about the culture of BOC, it must be international. Because the BOC’s main business is foreign exchange business. In addition, December 2010, the Bank of China New York branch began offering RMB products for Americans. This is the first major Chinese bank to offer such a product currently. Without feeling it clearly, I found some rituals in our small research team. We will take a one-hour break everyday in the afternoon, of course free coffee and snacks. During the break time, we talk about each other, talk about the current news, and also our research team.

Such behavior let us reduce anxiety and ambiguities, especially the first couple of days we came to the institute. From the conversation, I know where I can find more accurate data; what kinds of analysis tools are better; and even where I can buy delicious lunch. One thing that is important about our research team I heard is the photo wall. There is a wall full of photos about persons who make a contribution to a successful research. Even those “baby researchers” like us, student interns. This is really exciting news for us who are hungry for such special honors.

Moreover, people who on photo wall will be rewarded. These rituals reinforce our positive behavior and bond us together closely and make us working hard. Photo wall was always our topic in everyday break time. Although I had no chance to put my picture on the wall at last, but such special and cherish rituals impress me a lot. And I will always remember those hard working and significant days. Our research team was like a boat has a powerful and experienced capital and 6 newer crew. We clearly know our destination. Under the leading of capital, we work together and speed up to the end.

Sometimes, we met difficulties; sometimes, we made mistakes; always, we realize that there are mountains of things we need to learn. The colleagues we worked with changed frequently. Because we are all students in university, we only can work here in winter and summer vocations. We cannot figure out where we will meet hidden rocks or what kind of weather should we set the sail. The research team in the future will have a ship with powered and experienced capital and also strong crews. They understand each other and trust each other. Crews’ abundant experience will guide themselves in different circumstance make different decisions.

They will corporate happily and moving fast. The differences between these two images are size and facilities of two ships and the capability of crews. Everything we did currently was following commands. We prepared data materials and maybe some preliminary conclusion. In the future, our work will be more effective. We can organize our work by ourselves instead of ask capital every time. With the growing knowledge, we can make more contribution to the research. Hence the ship will end to destination fast. For the interns, they will have more chance to build their career in BOC.

The research group has 6 students; one of us is a leader. We all work for Doctor Wang. Every week we work five days (Monday to Friday). Every Monday, we will have a strategy meeting to prepare the work for whole week. Doctor Wang is too busy to participate every meeting, so Zhang, the leader, will host the meeting. At first, we will sum up work we did last week. Then, talk about the research goal of this week and allocate detail work for every person. The Monday meeting at the end of each month, we will review the whole month work, evaluate it, and make an improvement plan for next month.

We do our work strictly follow the plan, in order to achieve the goal effectively. Examination and supervision is an essential part of work for us. We check the data materials of each person, make sure the accuracy and authenticity of the data. What’s more, the every day break in our research group is another attractive activity, which pulls us closer together. The research we did is supported by the International Financial Research Institution of Bank of China, and also many universities in China. The every week meeting really organizes our work, avoiding the chaos may happen when we do the same work.

The every day break can help us work in a comfortable circumstance and relax us. That is a method to know your colleague and get along with them. My recommendation for the research group has some flaws. We can hardly find the connection between group and public. Most of the things we did are search material and research material. In addition, the support for our research is supported by the company (BOC) itself. I cannot list other supporters easily. The support for a team is like a motivation. And when I think twice about it, is it really necessary for a group has 6 people to have meeting every week?

The most content of the meeting is just formal. Maybe we can hardly get the information, and even we have already known the information. It is like a kind of waste of time. Maybe they can reduce such meeting as once a month. And if there is some work to allocate, they can email them; talk to some of them instead of get the entire people together to talk about the work. The script for a team is as important as it for a drama. Depending on it, every one can know what they did, and what they will do. A big plan for the work is more important than meeting again and again.