Swot for Apple Computer

I). Strengths-Apple Computers strong brand name helps them in the personal computer industry. They also have a loyal group of customers that advocate the brand and also show loyalty to most all of Apple Computer products. Also, with the continued success of the iPod and iTunes for both Apple and Windows users Apple Computers growth should continue. These products have helped Apple Computers reach costumers that they may not have had otherwise and with newer versions of the iMac, iBook and Powerbook coming out their market share should continue to steadily grow.

II). Weaknesses-Apples market share is under 10 percent in both the desk top market as well as the portable market. The company is constantly aiming to convert Microsoft customers to Apple. It must find a way to compete with the likes of Dell and Gateway. III). Opportunities-Apple has now switched its focus to the home consumer market with it development of products such as iPod, iTunes, iDVD, iPhoto, and iMovie.

The growth now seems to be aimed at the horizontal market, which is consumers and the other large segment they are aiming for is content creation professionals. Also with new the distribution channels Apple has gained with Best Buy, Target and even Dell all helping to push the iPod and iTunes products. The company’s new focus will continue to help the company with market share in the PC market while still expanding the home consumer market that they are controlling with these products.

IV). Threats-The level of competition in the technology market is so intense with companies like Dell, Gateway, and Compaq. Also, with these products (ie iPod, iTunes) it is only a matter of time before the next “big” thing hits the market. There is a high substitution effect amongst the products in this market. Market share will continue to be the company’s biggest threat that they will have to overcome.