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For many of you that don’t know Walmart is a big store all around the world and is growing bigger and bigger every day as they go on. Walmart is a strong competitor where you can find many things to pick out from. Walmart is a store in which you can find electronic, food, clothing, construction tools and equipment or even something for your garden. In Walmart you can do all your shopping only in one quick stop beside of all there lowest prices. Walmart is a powerful retail store.


Walmart has. Walmart has the ability and also claim to have some of the lowest prices known to man in markets. Walmart claims that it has low prices on everything they sell always. Walmarts old slogan got replaced with a phrase that says ‘’Walmart Save Money Live better Walmart” They say that they have the cheapest prices over the competitors.

Walmart has grown and is continuous growing over each day that passes. Another of the great strength that walmart has is that it has grown and expanded world wide. Therefore they have reputation anyone that comes from anywhere will know what walmart is and sells. They are recognized all over the world therefore if someone went to a new country and was trying to buy something they wouldn’t waste there time in finding out in which small business they sell what they are looking for. They would simply just go to walmart because they already know what walmart is and what they sell.

Another of walmart big strengths is to communicate with many of other buildings. Having a great equipment information involving its technology to use to communicate with other stores and see what is selling more and why and what is going to be the next big thing. This also gives them the benefit to see what is selling faster than other items and buy a bigger stock to those items that sell much quicker than other therefore they don’t have to spent a lot on inventory because they already know what sells in what time and what doesn’t sell as much so they don’t buy inventory.

But I think that its greatest strength is having all components necessary all in one big store. For example If you need to buy something to wear, along with some shoes, a kitchen supply, stop for groceries, and even buy a universal remote control or to get your nails done. That would take you at least two hours to be able to stop at different stores and look what you are trying to buy. But with walmart it would all be just one big stop. You would be able to do one simple stop and take care of all those things at once.

That’s one of the reasons that walmart is so powerful ad draws more customers because not all of them have the time to go and look at all these things they are suppose to buy one quick walmart stop and done. Although it seems like Walmart has the biggest company and is perfect no I think that nothing in this world is perfect and always have weakness to it no matter how big the company is.


Walmart greatest weakness is the biggest of them all is public image. In a business public image is one of the most important thing that there is because without it or if you stand in the bad side of the public image you can loose thousands of customers no matter how low you go in the

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prices. Some people see walmart today as a monopoly that is sweeping with the small businesses everywhere. And besides another example is that it is seen as not an environment friendly. Another major weakness that walmart presents if that even though they have a big verity of things to choose out from and can make all of your purchase at one but the weakness is that having that said it doesn’t specify on each item. For example if I were to go to the store and try to find a special cable for the TV. But walmart wouldn’t have it because it only carries the basic things that electronics require because of it being so big in verity they are not able to specify on each section.

There are claims that walmart performs with there employees in being unfair and mistreatment. Many of the employees there only receive adequate health care benefits and most of them receive minimum wages. In addition problems with healthcare benefits lead to employees applying for public aid. This leads to tax payers making up for the health benefits that walmart should provide, being the number one company in sales in the USA. Also walmart has been counted for discriminating against female employees and in various accounts violating child labor acts.


One of the greatest opportunities that Walmart has in succeeding even more is for them to provide for there community and reverse the black image people have on Walmart. Some examples would be donating money to charity. Another great example would be going out and seeking help by their employees to hospitals and rehabs giving them free food and clothing for those in need. That would fix half of the image people have about walmart and make many people shop there.

Another great opportunity that walmart has to bring thousands of customers to their stores would be giving there own employees benefits and medical insurance and pay them a little more than minimum wage. Then if walmart did this there employees would start talking and spreading the word of Waymart’s change and more and more people would give walmart an opportunity to be there supplier. Not only would this help there reputation and public image but this would help there community and in exchange they would get thousands of customers that had a black image over them. And buy some od there products that are made here in the USA.

Another opportunity would be for walmart to have someone in each station that knows about it and help them find what they need and if they didn’t have it order it for them. For example if you went to the car stereo section have someone there to tell you what the different choices are and if they didn’t have something they where looking for then order it online for them and have them deliver it to the customers home.


A big threat that walmart has is Target. Target has everything Walmart has and in addition they buy from the USA supporting the economy, they Also give back to there community by donating and help those in needs. Target also gives benefits to there employees and pays them a more than minimum if they are full time employees. Walmart needs to start giving back to its community and help society so they gain more customers they already have the low prices all they need is to give back and be fair and there will be no competitor that can keep up with them.

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