Swot Analysis of Descon Engg

Over the last three decades Descon has evolved into a multi-faceted Engineering and Manufacturing concern and has further spawned a group of ventures with a diverse activities portfolio: Project Management, EPC, Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction, Maintenance, Software Development, Mining, Chemicals and Trading. While the group companies operate independently under a corporate structure, Descon Engineering remains the flagship company and provides the associated identity to its affiliates.

The company is unique in its resource base with in-house capabilities for Design Engineering, Manufacturing, Construction and Maintenance Services. These are applicable to a wide variety of projects related to Industrial plants, Energy and Infrastructure development for which services are provided selectively or on turnkey / EPC basis.

Descon is project-oriented and client-driven. Quality and HSE are taken as “value-adders” and the company culture encourages teamwork and innovation. With all these attributes and resources, the company is well placed to compete and succeed in the local as well as international contracting arena while being recognized as a quality service provider and manufacturer of capital equipment. The synergy between various business areas fuels strategic growth by providing cost effective solutions.


To bring prosperity and well being to our stake holders and society at large by adding value through engineering, technology and management VisionTo become a world class engineering, manufacturing and construction company operating internationally Mission”To provide our valued customers with cost effective and reliable solutions in project implementation and be recognized as the leading manufacturer of high quality equipment for plants.”

The company was established in 1977, establishing its Head Quarter in Lahore, Pakistan; and today it has the following credentials: * 6 Registered Offices located in Pakistan, KSA, UAE, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait * 7 Fabrication Workshops:

* Al Khor (Qatar)* Ghiyathi, Hamriyah (UAE),* Jubail, Yanbu (KSA),* Lahore, Karachi (Pak)* Current Human Capital of 26,000 persons coming from various nationalities * 1600+ Engineers and Professionals of multiple disciplines * 475 Million Man-hours of Construction executed till date * 16 Million Man-hours of Maintenance executed till date

* 7 Million Man-hours of Engineering executed till date* 230,000 Tons of Engineered Process Equipment Manufactured till date

SWOT ANALYSISSTRENGTHSStrong engineering capacity.Descon has the largest and strongest engineering capacity all over the Pakistan, that infact includes the other regional workstations that are working abroad as an one unit. Round about 900,000 man-hours/year engineering capacity does Descon holds for its projects and operations. Strong Construction capacity

Descon holds an number of skilled and technical construction engineering capacity all over the Pakistan and abroad. 70 million man-hours/year construction capacity does Descon holds for its construction projects all over the world especially in the Arab Countries. Availability of own manufacturing Workshop.

Descon has the strongest engineering manufacturing workshops capacity in Pakistan and middle east. This adds it to lead the EPC and becoming its backbone for ruling EPC in Pakistan. There are about 07 manufacturing shops located in Middle East and Pakistan. Large Number of turnarounds/year

Descon owns 8-10 major turnarounds/year handling capacity, that includes 6000 dedicated personnel which are well equipped and skillfully trained.Availability of own machinery and expertise.Deson being the best E & EPC company in Pakistan has its pwn machinery and the expertise to drive them for the projects. Descon has its own heavy lift and rigging expertise whose range is over 150 cranes and having (25 – 1200 Ton) capacity. Millions Turnover

Descon got almost USD 250 Million Turnover / USD 1 Billion at corporate level in 2009-2010. Customized project management systems.The list for the Management systems is as follows* WinBid* Primavera Project Planner* Project Control System (PROCESS)* Material Management System (MMS)* System for Material Acquisition, Retrieval & Transaction (SMART) * ACCPAC* Gainful Deployment of Manpower System (GDMS)* Gainful Deployment of Equipment System (GDES+)* Fixed Asset Management System (FAMS)* Human Resource Information System

Latest Design and Anaylsis SoftwaresThe designing and planning softwares that are of new technology principlas with wide range of scales and open to the world are being the strengths of deson. The list is as follows:

Established a Strong client list

Working in DESIGN, ENGINEERING and CONSTRUCTION.Accomudations and Site officesEstablished QA/QC and HSE systems.Available camp accommodation capacity of 5500 persons in Qatar. Goodwill, Brand Image.Good relationship with client.OPPORTUNITIESDescon having so many Financial, manpower and equipment resources that owe ita large group of opportunities for Descon. DESCON is providing its services in following sectors which is a great opportuinity for its growth and its strengths are making it possible for achieving the targets at time. * EPC( Engineering, Procurement and Construction)

* CONSTRUCTION* MAINTENANCE* MANUFACTURINGThese sectors are itself as a whole industry which is all over the world and most of all in the middle east which is considered as a hub for construction and EP’s. BUSINESS SECTORSDescon is currently providing its services in the following industries and it is growing day by day due to its strengths that hold him tight in the market. * Oil and Gas* Fertilizers* Cement* Refinarires* Waste water* Desalination* Power* Energy Resources* Chemicals* PolymersThere are several big projects are going on in world esp. in middle east and these are the major opportunities for descon to cop up and Descon is becoming part of these projects due to its strong resourses that include the financial power, skilled ,trained and experienced engineers and own EPC model.

Expected growth in marketAs the upcoming years are the best year for the growth and there will be a number of projects will come to Pakistan froim middle east there is a great opportunity for the descon for its growth.Partnerships or Joint VenturesTarget the wild marketKnowledge of changing trends in construction industryWEAKNESSESDespite being then best and strongest company in Pakistan there are some misfortunes or weaknesses are there with descon engineering. There are as follows:Mis-Management in middle eastThere is bid problem in Deson engineering which is the mis management in due to excess nepotism. This can lead Descon go back to race line and is not getting solved with the time. Idle ManpowerThere is a survey held at descon to measure the working capacity of manpower and it was ound that 6 out of 10 people work which is just 60 percent of descons manpower whuch is one of the major and important resource of Descon. Work load defines Work.

The workload defines work shows that if the projects or the work load is there then there is the work otherwise there is no such tasks are there in descon to work at. All the manpower that includes all the officials to labor stays useless or get rusted. THREATS

Strong CompetitorsThere are now strong competitors that are growing for Descon th include * Etimaad Engineering* SPEC Pro* DDFC* EKL* FLOWTRONIX*LIMITED TargetsEconomical factors that could decrease market population: Unemployment. Changing of Government policies in everyday.Rising cost everyday.