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The moving industry of British Columbia is a growing sector. Though this industry is small compared to the construction sector it is composed of various companies that cater the moving needs of clients in Canada and some parts of America. The regulation of the moving industry is facilitated by organizations of moving companies such as the British Columbia Structural Movers Association (BCSMA) and the Canadian Association of Movers. Through organizations such as the above mentioned the moving industry is improving in terms of services, equipment utilization, and safety awareness.

The organizations of the moving industry also provide an arena for healthy business competition among the company members of the sector. The moving industry of British Columbia is composed of various companies that specialize in different moving services offered for house goods, animals, plants, and infrastructures. Opportunities The house moving industry has the capability to help in the preservation of infrastructures that are of historical significance to the society. Historic landmarks need not be destroyed when the land where it is built will be used for other purposes.

Moving the historical infrastructures to other places through the services of moving companies like SHM is the best choice in such situations. The increasing awareness on the preservation of historical landmarks and antiques pose as a good opportunity to the infrastructure moving industry. Instead of having the old infrastructures torn down the owners will opt to move it to another place due to the historic and antique value of the infrastructure. The trends in real estate also open a new door for the moving industry.

Some house moving companies are also engaged in real estate. These companies like the Nickel Bros. buy and sell houses including their moving services in the deal. The client who bought the house also agrees to hire the company’s moving services thus good transaction both in real estate and moving business. Threats The moving industry of British Columbia is threatened by frauds that infuse fear to the moving clientele. To aid clients in avoidance of moving fraud the Canadian Association of Movers released an article on fraud prevention tips.

The said article encourages movers to be vigilant in hiring companies that will execute the moving job. The primary tip to avoid the moving fraud is to ensure that you are hiring a company that has a good reputation. Consultation with the government agencies regarding the integrity of the moving company to be hired is a must prior to any signing of moving contracts. Another threat in the moving industry of British Columbia is the increasing base assessment rates of  WorksafeBC which was released in August 2008. The moving industry will experience a base assessment increase from 3.

61 to 3. 76. The contributing factor of the increasing number of work related injuries in the moving industry is its susceptibility to volatile change due to the industry’s undersized scale (Fehr, 2008). Compliments The contribution of house movers to the society is fully appreciated and complemented. Organizations like the Habitat for Humanity and Heritage Society of British Columbia commends the contribution of the moving companies to the area. SHM Ltd. is the pioneer of uplifting the status of the moving industry in British Columbia.

It serves as an innovative role model of the fellow moving companies in their equipments and methodology utilized. Buyers & Sellers SHM at present is already not involved in buying and selling of infrastructure properties. This company though still provides their clients interested in buying houses with lists of properties on sale including the details. Customers & Suppliers The Sea Business Ltd. supplies SHM Ltd. with equipment services that are needed in some of their operations like moving tons of cranes across bodies of water.