Supreme Court of the United States

61. The kind of speech that receives the greatest protection under the first amendment is Pure speech or political speech 62. Changing to a direct election of the president with a 40% run-off requirement would Encourage the growth of minor or splinter parties 63. The powers reserved to the states are known as The police powers 64. Bureaucracy has grown so complex and gained so much autonomy that our form of government is often called a (n) Administrative state 65. The southern California Association of Governments is an example of a Regional agency 66. The “rule of four” provides that.

The Supreme Court will hear a case if any four justices to do so 67. since term limits were imposed for members of the legislature in 1990 the number of women and minorities in California legislature. Has increased 68. Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of local elections in California is the Nonpartisan ballot 69. When Jefferson remarked in the first draft of the Declaration of Independence that King George has “waged cruel war against human nature itself,” he is referring to The fact that the King that maintaining markets where MEN were bought and sold 70.

According to the Supreme Court’s ruling in NEAR V. MINNESOTA(1931), the standard for judging freedom of press is Prior restraint 71. in single-member winner-take-all elections, the impetus Is for minor parties to compromise with one of the major parties 72. The largest budget expenditure in California counties is for Welfare and other public assistance 73. According to Bessette and Pitney, AMERICAN GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS, how do civil liberties differ from civil right? Civil liberties are personal freedoms, while civil rights concern freedom from discrimination. 74. Madison defined a republic as.

As a form of government in which all power is derived either directly or indirectly from the great body of the people. 75. In a civil case in California, the plaintiff must prove his or her case By a preponderance of the evidence 76. Congress’s harshest check on the president is Impeachment and removal 77. Abraham Lincoln viewed the Declaration of Independence as As the standard maxim of free society 78. the Constitutional Convention assigned the “qualified veto” to the office of the president because The qualified veto would be more often used by the President than an absolute veto.

79. Congressional supervision of the bureaucracy if known as Congressional oversight 80. “Sovereignty” means Complete and plenary (absolute) state 81. The theory of FEDERALIST NO. 10, written by jame Madison Explains that in a large, diverse nation majorities would be moderated by the necessity of compromise 82. According to professor Erler, an inevitable consequence of adding the Bill of Rights to the Constitution was to, Increase the range of the Federal Government’s powers 83. Political parties in California are: Especially weak 84.

An organization with division of labor, hierarchy of authority, formal rules, and impersonal relationships is called. A bureaucracy 85. When the Supreme Court makes a decision based upon an interpretation of the Constitution, that decision can be overturned By a constitutional amendment 86. According to the argument of the Declaration of Independence Government exists to protect natural rights 87. In BRABDENBERG V. OHIO, the Court interpreted the clear and present danger doctrine: Strictly to require the demonstration of a connection between speech and imminent lawless action before the government can suppress freedom of expression.

88. Proposition ________drastically reduced property taxes in California 13 89. James Madison described the Constitution as creating A compound republic, partly national, partly federal 90. according to Bessette and Pitney, AMERICAN GOVERNMENT AND POLITICS what was the importance of the presence of George Washington and Benjamin Franlin at the Constitutional Convention? Their prestige among their countrymen enhanced the convention’s credibility 91. During off-year elections, when only congressmen are up for reelection, the president’s party tends to Lose congressional seats 92. Jim Crow laws mandated

Segregation of the races in most social relations 93. according to the argument of the Declaration of Independence Among human beings there are no natural rulers 94. The chief federal prosecutor in charge of each judicial district is called a(n) United States attorney 95. The proposal to elect all branches of the federal government at the same time for six years term would likely Undermine the separation of powers 96. Madison, in the FEDERALIST No. 10, sought to minimize the influence of class considerations in politics by Substituting the struggle between interests for that between classes 97.

the ____________clause in the Constitution refers to the rights of Congress to make laws appropriate for carrying out their powers Necessary and proper 98. the theory of government embodied in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution is known as The social contract theory 99. according to professor Erler, judicial review is exercised By all three branches in the ordinary course of law-making and adjudication 100. The Speaker of the California Assembly is John Perez 101. The present Chief Justice of the United States Supreme Court, appointed in 2005 by President George W. Bush is John Roberts.

102. “Divided government” occurs when At least one house Of Congress does not have a majority from the president’s party 103, according to the FEDERALIST NO. 10 “the first object of government “is The protection of the diversity in the faculties of men from which the rights of property originate 104. SCHENCK V. U. S (1919) decided that That all speech was allowable under the First Amendment as long as it did not creat a “clear and present danger. ” 105. Which of the following is NOT part of the LEMON V. KURTZAN (1971) test: The religious purpose is allowable if a majority of the local community approves.