Supreme Court Cases

This case reflects a just ruling in my opinion as the ruling favored the plaintiffs Brown. Their fight was for justice of acceptance of race, by bringing the denial to the court, that their children were not allowed to attend school in which allowed segregation between races. I feel that by 1954 vs. , our first case; Plessy v. Ferguson which we examined- Laws and change in overall acceptance within society would have been quite difference in comparison to the case of 1896. If we are to better ourselves, we must change ourselves, our families, our communities, states, government and laws.

By looking back on Brown v. Board of Education, we can learn from our mistakes. If we review what Works and what does not, we can begin to make changes. Our constitution was written with intent for a better America. It was written after previous failures arose from a Government that was not functioning and the established foundation was crumbling. ‘’We the people’’ and ‘’Life, liberty and justice for all’’ are two phrases and great words that were meant to, and should remain the foundation we base our country on.

If we thought more often of ‘’We the people’’ and giving ‘’Life, liberty and justice’’ to ALL – We perhaps could re-create the America our forefather’s intended for us to have. American GovernmentSupremeCourt CasesJamieFletcher Plessy v. Ferguson Plessy v. Ferguson is about a American negros’ fight for equality and acceptance in society when he refuses to obey law. But takes his stand in what he believes is right.

Plessypaid a Price in being found guilty in 1890, in a Louisiana court case. Plessyfiled a petition which claimed this charge went against rights which are protected by the thirteenth and fourteenth ammendments. The disposition ended with a judgement for Ferguson. Because the 13th ammendment was intended to establish life, liberty and property, with equal protection of the laws. And the 14th ammendment, that all citizens have these rights; Negro, Anglo-Saxon, Chinese, Hispanic, etc. – As long as they are citizens. I feel that Plessy was in the right by standing for his belief. However, at that time it was law which means that he would have needed to go to the Goverment to change the law.

But being that he was considered a person of a segragated group, this would have been nearly imposible for him at that time. By Plessy’s example we can learn that we should never accept a Government law that is wrong. We as citizens must create the world we desire and bring the power back to the people. I feel that our rights have already been taken away in so many forms, all slowly and sublely by our Government.

The Government has been allowed to have far too much control by citizens. Ignorance, lack of education, and naivity have played roles in part of the reasoning to why. It’s been too easy for our courts to find the innocent, guilty. And the guilty, innocent. All based on their twisted thinking and our twisted legal system, and the ability to control and pursuade these very Americans in the courts. I am curious to just how often a politician, a lawer, or a highly educated and wealthy individual is called into jury duty. Plessyis a worthy example of what it means to be Amercian. If not, than life, liberty and justice for all means nothing.