Super Bowl 2011 Ad Review

1. Volkswagen- The Imperial MarchEverybody. Particularly parents with children. Thinkers, Believers, Strivers, Positive 2. Bridgestone- Carma18+ years of age. All races. Educated, higher income group.Innovator, Thinkers, Believers, Positive 3. Doritos- House SittingChildren and young adults. All races. No specification towards education or income. Achievers, Strivers, Experiencers, MakersPositive 4. NFL- SitcomsYoung Adults and older.

Directed to the common man/family. Thinkers, Believers, Achievers, Strivers, Experiencers, Makers, SurvivorsPositive 5. Volkswagen- Black BeetleYoung adults and older. Directed to an audience with medium income. Achievers, Strivers, ExperiencersNeutral

6. Doritos- The Best PartYoung Adults and older. Lower education and income. Achievers, Strivers, Experiencers, MakersPositive 7. Doritos- Pug AttackChildren and Adults. No race. Lower education and income. Achievers, Strivers, Experiencers, MakersPositive 8. Pepsi Max- Love HurtsYoung adults and older.

All races. Lower education. Believers, Achievers, Strivers, Experiencers, MakersPositive 9. Chrysler- The Motor CityTeenage and older. No race. Medium Education. Thinkers, Believers, Achievers, Strivers, MakersNeutral 10. Bridgestone- Reply AllYoung adults and older. Medium and higher education and income. No race.Innovator, Thinkers, Believers, Achievers, Experiencers.Positive

1.The Volkswagen Imperial March- This commercial is ranked number one for several reasons. The child’s interactions and attempts to use the “force” are comical, realistic, and adorable. This ad applies to all ages, genders, races, and education levels. Although it has almost nothing to do with the new Volkswagen Passat, the commercial is too entertaining to forget about.

2. Bridgestone- Carma- Bridgestone’s “Carma” ad hints on the social theory of karma; do good to others and others will do good to you. This is a widely accepted social theory by people of all races, gender, age, and religious beliefs. This helps it relate to many people while also being humorous for all to enjoy.

3. Doritos- Sitting House- The Doritos Sitting House ad is extremely funny. The ad is extremely unrealistic and has nothing to do with the product. However, Doritos is a popular enough product that people do not necessarily need to be informed about it. The humor in this commercial is exceptionally well done and relates to everybody.

4. NFL- Sitcoms- NFL’s Sitcom commercial was exceptionally well done. The NFL is in a particularly difficult situation with the labor and owner’s threatening over a lockout. This is difficult for the NFL because they are taking a very serious public relations hit with this situation. The fans are vital to the NFL’s success, so dedicating a commercial to them was important.

5. Volkswagen- Black Beetle- The Black Beetle ad is very informative while also being very entertaining. Rather than advertise the new car and all it’s great features, Volkswagen decided to tease the viewer. Comparing the new beetle to the old beetle as actuall insects gives an effective way of describing what the new car is all about.

6. Doritos- The Best Part- Dorito’s The Best Part is another humorous, yet informative commercial. This ad uses comedy to inform the viewer about the deliciously cheesy taste and smell of Dorito’s. Also, the way the messages is delivered is through hysterical reactions.

7. Dorito’s Pug Attack- A less entertaining and funny ad, the Dorito’s Pug Attack was still very popular. In this commercial, just like the Dorito’s Sitting House, Dorito’s doesn’t inform about their product. Rather, they entertain through the interaction between the man teasing the dog through a glass window.

8. Pepsi Max- Love Hurts – Pepsi usually does well during the Superbowl and was unusually quiet this year. With that being said, Pepsi Max’s Love Hurts was a very funny ad. The disagreement between a couple can relate to just about everybody. However, the aftermath of the argument, hitting a bystander with a pepsi can, cause the argument to end and the couple to run off. This commercial is incredibly funny. Perhaps it only ranked 8th due to some people finding it violent.

9. Chrysler- The Motor City- Detroit and the automotive industry has been devastated by the recent global economic recession. It was important for an American car maker to make a big splash this super bowl, and Chrysler did. Using the rapper Eminem as the voice of the commercial, Chrysler advertises their new cars and the importance of buying American. The commercial was well done, however, it was a 2 minute add, which most likely affected it’s ratings.

10. Bridgestone- Reply All

– Bridgestone’s Reply All is a humor spin on every white-collared workers’ worst nightmare. Sending inappropriate, non-work-related emails while at work to friends and co-workers happens. However, anybody who has ever done this has been afraid to send it to the wrong people. This ad uses this scenario to entertain rather than to inform.