Sunny Daze can take to prevent fraud

Describe of the main measurement that Sunny Daze can take to prevent fraud.  Shoplifting is stealing goods e. g. such as taking a pen or bag without paying for it.  Stealing money is a person taking money from a another without asking .Sweetheart deals giving an illegal discount and no charge at all for goods or services the reason for this is that they are friends.  Card frauds is stealing and using another person's credit or debit card.

Chip and pin card include reduced these types of fraud because the holder of a stolen card will not know the pin anymore and there is minus opportunity on behalf of skimming now that owners do not have to part with their card during a transaction. Identity theft is difficult type of fraud. Criminals get hold of personal details of an individual and make use of this information to apply for credit cards.  Internet fraud- hacking into a business website to steal card details or making up a bogus website to trap shoppers into giving their cards number.  Embezzlement makes use of money that lawfully belongs to someone else.

The way to cover up their tracks, somebody who is embezzling their employer may fake a business accounts. How Can Sunny Daze Prevent Fraud?  To prevent fraud you can use policy (rules) on dealing with fraud.  Selection/ recruitment procedure only employ honest staff. Induction training. Is when a new member of staff is trained for two weeks.  The training helps the new employee understand the rules and regulations of the business.  If the new employee does not understand the rules and regulations of the business, the induction training will be repeated

Induction training sets out clear rules of what the job role of the employee will involve Restrictions . Only let certain staff have access to money and record payments or make money transfers.  Security guards or cameras at considered places. Whistle blowing scheme . Staff rewarded for reporting fraud and to be positive that all information is treated in confidence. Managing and Controlling Fraud. Check till and compare with the balance recorded. The till will record how much money should be in it.  The manager should count the money if the till at the matches the amount of money the till has recorded.

Check quantities of stock with the amount recorded. Stock- items being sold every business should record. What stocks has been used. Stocks check should be carried out to make sure that no stocks have gone missing! How can Sunny Daze record financial transaction. A journal or planner is the best way it helps Pat record each business transaction shown on Sunny Daze supporting documents. Pat may have to keep separate journals for transactions that happen regularly or even bookkeeping software provides one of the right ways to keep Pat's business financial records in organized way.