Subaru, the Advantage

I have started a forum asking the forum users about what they like and dislike about Subaru’s. From this I have deciphered the following advantages and disadvantages ADVANTAGESIt is a fact that Subaru’s are one of the best balanced cars out on the car market today. This is because of three main things, the longitudinally mounted Subaru Boxer engine, the Subaru symmetrical all wheel drive system and the almost perfectly symmetrical drive train. All of these aspects help to make the car as balanced as possible. Better balance means stability that helps make driving safer. The more your wheels are engaged with the road, the more control you have.

This is why the Subaru AWD system is so beneficial. Other AWD systems engage all four wheels only when a loss of traction is detected. But by then, your control has already made up its mind. Subaru Symmetrical AWD keeps power travelling to all four wheels all the time, helping to better prevent slippage before it happens. And if slippage does occur, its simple yet efficient design allows it to respond more quickly. It immediately reduces engine power to the slipping wheel and gives it to the wheels that have the traction. Because other car’s systems lack the simplicity of the Subaru symmetrical AWD, they therefore not only sacrifice efficiency, but can also incur more damage. The engine on a Subaru is mounted longitudinally. This means that it runs in line with the driveshaft, so therefore making power routes directly from the engine to all four of the wheels.

Less components means less things to break down and it also means less power loss due to the amount of friction. With power continually flowing with maximum efficiency, you experience the advantage of seamless traction whenever and wherever you might need it.

DISADVANTAGESAs all of the power is going through all four wheels at the same time, it therefore means that it kills the efficiency of the fuel consumption. This is normal language means that you won’t get very far per every litre of petrol that you put in to you petrol tank. Having the permanent all wheel drive system on means that the tyres are going to wear out a lot faster when compared to two wheel drive cars. This will therefore mean that all four tyres will need to be replaced at the same time, therefore taking out bigger chunks of money out of your wallet all at the same time.

This is compared a front wheel drive two wheel drive car where you would usually replace the rear tyres on a ratio of every two or three changes of the front ones. For a rear wheel drive it would be the other way around. People prefer the older style Subaru’s because they were different and stood out. Now days they are just starting to look like the Toyotas and all of the other new modern cars. Because a lot of the features have only been slightly tweaked and everything is put together like Lego it makes Subaru a very popular choice. This is why you will see a lot more people driving the older style Subaru’s because of the fact that they still feel the new car feel by just modifying their own cars ever so slightly.

Because Subaru is a fairly small company compared to Toyota, ford and Holden for example, it is often hard for people to get problems fixed through just their normal mechanic. This is because of all the different technology that Subaru use when compared to the other big name companies. Also meaning that not many mechanics are well known with Subaru’s, you will have to pay extra dollars if you are in need of repairs because they don’t have the parts on backorder a majority of the time.