Study on Transportation Problem

2.1 Problem statement

Nowadays we can see that Malaysia is becoming develop country in a few more years. Because of that we can see lots of development especially at the city centre or urban area. Each state is having faster growth of development. As for example, we can see lots of high rise building in Kuala Lumpur, beside that there are still new development on going near to this city centre. New development will cause new problem to the surrounding area.

When the contractor starts to construct new building or structure at urban area the major problem for them to complete the project is the access to the construction site itself. As we know that the space at the new development in the urban area is very limited. That’s why during the early stage the contractor is having the problem with dealing with the material. The space is limited and they cannot order the material in a bulk amount because there are only limited places for material storage. So the contractor needs to order at least 3 times a week for the same material.

Then the problem come from the supplier itself or surrounding the area which is the supplier will having the problem to access to the construction site because at the urban area, the traffic congestion is very high and sometimes not all the vehicle is allow to enter to the route or they will get the summon from the local authorities.This will make the problem to the supplier and will cause effect to the construction progress. That why sometimes the supplier will have the hidden issue during delivering the material to the site. This is a few problems that will be face by the contractor on the access to the construction site.

1) Time consuming

– By referring to the completed the job during the specific time will have a problem on delivering the crucial material to the construction site. A problem that occurs will cause a delay to the project.

– Sometime the time for transportation the material from one place to another place will consume certain time that needs to care about especially if the materials only have at certain area.

  • 2) Route

– As we know that nowadays development are grown up either in urban or rural area. The transportation will have a problem either during delivering the material or to go on site. The access to the site is quite difficult. For example if development in urban area will cause a heavy traffic jams during the construction or during delivering the material.

– Sometimes the construction site needs to have a bigger equipment to be used but because of road at that area are not well enough to be used either to carry the load or the space of the road is not wide enough.

– The contractor always having a problem with the people surrounding the area or the resident at that area that are blocking the construction activities because all the machinery or the lorry that using the existing road are causing damage to the road.(interference by resident)

– the

3) Monitoring

– We need to have a system on tracking the lorry that is delivering the material to the site. Sometime the contractor is having the problem during completion of the project because of the material that should be delivered are not delivered on time. This is because sometimes the supplier is well in cheating. When the contractor call and ask about either the lorry are moving to the site the supplier are agreed even though it was not even moved yet.

3.0 Objective

1. The first objective is to minimize the time waste during delivering the material to the site and will have the chance for the work to be done within the schedule or earlier.

2. Easy access to the construction site that will avoid any dispute between the contractor and the supplier or resident at that area and to avoid from any damages.

3. To keep in touch or to ensure that the material can be delivered on time without any hidden issue.

1. Significance of research.

With this research, will give the clear view to the contractor in finding the solution for solving one of the major problems in the construction site. Hopefully with this research will help all the contractors and all the authorities in managing their progress of work. With this finding also can avoid any problem such as extension of work, work delay and also an accident to the worker itself or people nearby.

2. Scope of work

This research will cover in Klang Valley area and more specific near to the urban area. As we know that the development in this area is very fast and having a problem during the construction became its located at the city centre of Malaysia. As for example at the Klang city centre, the flyover that being constructed is contribute to the heavy traffic jams at that area. This situation needs to be face by the contractor in order for them to deal with the project. With all the findings that are being discover will help the contractor to find the best solution for them.

All the data were collected by sending the questionnaires to various classes of contractors. The questionnaire is based on their awareness on the transportation problems to construction site in construction industry and how they manage or try to overcome the access problem to the site..