Student Politics in Bangladesh Essay

The participation of students in politics is concerned it has been a topic of great disagreement amongst the scholars. The question is whether the students are allowed to take part in politics or not. There are different kinds of opinions. Some people say that the students under no circumstances are permitted to engage in political activities and so ruin their academic career. While others are of the opinion that the students must take active part in the politics so that to receive) necessary training which is required for practical struggle in future.

The following schools of thought have their separate view-point regarding the issue. The standard advanced the issue with the disagreement that politics is the last resort of a scoundrel. It corrupts the student’s mind and degrades his moral character. It creates in him a love for ordinary life and dishonors his noble thought. By diverting his attention towards politics he forgets his actual duty of moral development and intellectual encourage which he is promised as a student. He should therefore be strictly forbidden to be treated in the politics.

He should merely concentrate upon his study with full eagerness and affection. According to the revolutionary school of thought politics is one of the essential and noblest gifts of modern human knowledge. In an independent country it is an indispensable part of culture and civilization. Detaching the students from politics in an educational institution is equal to extinction of democracy while true democracy demands the involvement of each and every 375 the Study of Education class of people in the politics.

So depriving the students to take part in politics is just to weaken the very function of the political system of the country which is in no way recommended. Now let us consider the view-point of moderate school of thought who thinks and suggests that adequate facilities should be available to students in order to study the political background of the world in general and their country in particular. Thinking the politics a forbidden tree will be a great folly because the students, as an important part of elite class, should keep themselves abreast with what is happening around them.

They should be well acquired with the changes that are developing in their country and abroad. However their participation in practical politics should be discouraged. They should be imparted political education in their schools and colleges through debates, discussion or lectures. Their theoretical involvement in politics is extremely necessary for them but their practical indulgence can never recommended. Going through above logical data can be easily conditional that so far students’ participation in political protest is concerned it should be forbidden altogether.

Because political knowledge absolutely different than political protest. The former aim at their intellectual improvement leads to complete ruin of their career. If they adopt the habit to look the things as they are then there is no harm but the moment they become dispassionate and take step into active politics they ask for danger and hazards in their academic as well as practical life. They should therefore describe a line of demarcation and try to only learn what they are to utilize in their future life. It is however a fact that an individual is nothing without his society.

In the present day world we face with new issues and problems on each and every step and the 376. The Study of Education students vis-a-vis educational institutions are no exceptions. The students who are reading in these institutions face a lot of problems. He finds it extremely difficult to solve these problems on individual basis. Therefore he is compelled to make an organization and initiate a joint struggle to resolve issues faced by him. In this regards the formation of students union is a healthy activity. This is also a kind of political activity but this activity is confined to a certain limit.

These activities of students need to be encouraged because it creates a sense of brother hood, unity, self-confidence and a close working relationship amongst them. But our students as a young men and women cannot afford to stand as a silent spectator to the events happening around them. They are natural to show their reaction. In modern world some strong and powerful countries want to thrust their wishes upon weak and poor nations and subjugate them to meet their personal interests. The examples of former USSR, USA, India and Israel are before us.

The tyrannies of these states provoke the sentiments of all of us and students who demand justice and equality from the developed nation of the world hardly afford this treatment of the poor nations. Their rallies and protests are of paramount importance and a kind of moral support for the oppressed and powerless nations. In spite of these activities the students need to be aware of their actual responsibilities. Their primary duty is to form their career and after leaving the educational institutions they should focus on the service of their country and countrymen.

Students’ activities on the basis of their respective organizations if confined to a certain limit must not be objected by us. But they should also restrain themselves to indulge in active politics of the country. They should take part in social and welfare activities for the sake of their country but should not waste their time and energy in absurd and meaningless hobbies. Without individual revolutions, politics would not be an important factor in our government. Where there are people there are differences of opinions. We would even need government.

Every election season, politics proves an important factor when determining the national ™s leaders. This shows that politics has a strong influence on the opinions of citizens, including long term issues and current affairs. Young people today think little about politics and how politics affects them. I assumed for a long time that politics was over my head. Strong political parties are necessary for a healthy government. Thomas Jefferson believed that, the duty of an upright administration is to pursue its course steadily and to cherish the good principles of both parties.

This shows that it takes more than one political party to make a well balanced government. Fathers proved it could work, and it has thus far. For our political system to flourish, older adults must realize that younger people must be educated about politics: why it exists, why it is important, and what our generation can do. Soon enough, it will be our turn to lead. Why Politics Are Important College students should be aware of politics beyond their campus because political events and people who hold high offices are entities that control the way we live.

Students should especially keep abreast of political events because the economy is in bad shape and that could mean a loss of money for college students regarding financial aid or other miscellaneous expenses that college students have. Recently the presidential election has been a hot topic of discussion that universities and college students have been an instrumental part of. Political speeches often address the job market which should be important to a college student’s future. Concluding Statement: An informed mind is always a better mind; political speeches and events present information that impacts everyone in some aspect of life.

The college environment promotes education in whatever area the students choose to study. However one are that everyone should have some knowledge on is politics. College students especially should pay close attention to the political events and news. Keeping abreast within this subject is important because it is up to the officers of this country who hold high office to control the conditions in which we live in. Whether that may mean higher taxes, lower gas prices, or a tighter immigration patrol, these are all issues that affect us in one way or another.

Politics are informants to society about the intertwined structures of political power within our country. The news and media play a strong force in today’s community because it is virtually everywhere. The presidential debates and elections were on every news channel which was available to watch even if you didn’t have cable. Due to the wide variety of media outlets there isn’t any reason why college students shouldn’t be able to access new political information. College students might be surprised to know that professors gripe with great regularity about “bad” students.

These aren’t the ones getting bad grades (the profs are happy to try to help them), but instead are the ones who quickly show themselves to be a royal pain in the hit. President Iajuddin Ahmed urged the politicians to build up a knowledge-based society by taking steps against the harmful sides of student politics. “It’s time to take steps against the harmful sides of student politics. This is important to build up a knowledge-based society. And to make that happen, sincerity and sympathy of our political parties are needed.

I would like to draw attention of the politicians in this regard,” he said. The president was addressing the 43rd convocation of Dhaka University on its campus. An honorary doctor of laws Degree was conferred on Nobel laureate Prof Muhammad Yunus at the convocation. Expressing deep concern over session jams, mainly in the country’s public universities, the president said: “Politics is not isolated from society. The universities and other educational institutions are also part of the society, but it is necessary to deeply think about at what level of the education sector the politics will remain.

” “Despite differences of opinion and ideology among you (the politicians), you have no lack in patriotism. Working for the people’s welfare is your aim. So, I request you to think about it (harmful sides of student politics) from the same point of view,” said the president. He stressed the need for formulating rules with caution involving teachers, students, employees and guardians for the development of the country’s education. “Though code of conduct, like the other institutions, is not needed for the universities, some cautionary measures should be taken so that people are not deprived of.

Such code of conduct should be formulated through democratic process involving teachers, students, employees and the guardians,” he told the function. He said the government must ensure the proper utilization of money in universities as the big part of it comes from the people. About the role of guardians in formulating rules, the president said judgment about a writer is never complete without the readers, and the teachers, though they teach, cannot be the lone judges of education. Females in politics! You can’t say it is a surprise nowadays! Now women are quite equal to men.

They have the same opportunities and abilities. If a woman can bring up a child and work as hard as a man does, then why can’t she be a political leader? Force it depends on person’s character. And after all I want to mention one female politician- if you watch news you know her well and you know how her life ended. I’m talking about Benazhir Bhutto, who was killed in terrorist attack in Pakistan recently, where she was a leader of opposition. For sure she wasn’t saint, she had legal problems and issues, but her death will be a major disaster for Pakistan and USA. All this is like watching dominoes fall.