Strategic management Essay Sample

Educación a Distancia Plantilla de uso general Nombre(s): DANIEL ARTURO MONTES M. Matrícula(s): 06130556 Número de equipo: Nombre de la asignatura: Procesos de Dirección Nombre del profesor(a): LAMADRID BOURS BELINDA VIRGINIA 1. 0What was the planned strategy at Daimler Benz for Chrysler in 1988?

The strategic plan was to emphasize bold design, better product quality, and higher productivity by sharing designs and parts between the two companies. 2. In retrospect, Daimer Benz’s plans for Chrysler seemed over optimistic. What decision making errors might Daimler Benz have made in its evaluation of Chrysler?

How might those errors have been avoided? First, Schrempp and his planners may have overestimated Chrysler’s competitiveness prior to the merger. Chrysler was the most profitable of the three U.S. auto companies in the late 1990s, but the U.S. economy was very strong and the company’s core offering of pickup trucks, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), and minivans were the right product for a time of low gas prices.

3. What opportunities and threats was Chrysler facing in 2005 and 2006? What were Chrysler’s strengths and weaknesses? Did its product strategy make sense given these? Opportunities:a new SUV, the seven-seat Jeep Commander.

Launched in mid-2005, the timing of the Commander could not have been worse. Threats: In 2005, the price of oil surged dramatically as strong demand from developed nations and China combined with tight supplies 4. Why did Chrysler get its forecasts for product sales and earnings so badly wrong in 2006? What does this teach you about the nature of planning? What must Chrysler do now if it is to regain its footing in this industry?

We must always take into account external factors such as climate change natural disasters policies and so on. 5. what must chrysler do now if it is to regain its footing in this industry? Continue to build cars for the market that was his INSTITUTO TECNOLÓGICO SUPERIOR DE CAJEME ® DERECHOS RESERVADOS 2009.