Strategic Management and Maryanne Rouse

INTRODUCTION TO STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT AND BUSINESS POLICY. 1. Basic Concepts in Strategic Management. 2. Corporate Governance and Social Responsibility. II. SCANNING THE ENVIRONMENT. 3. Environmental Scanning and Industry Analysis. 4. Internal Scanning and Organizational Analysis. III. STRATEGY FORMULATION. 5. Strategy Formulation: Situation Analysis and Business Strategy. 6. Strategy Formulation: Corporate Strategy. 7. Strategy Formulation: Functional Strategy and Strategic Choice. IV. STRATEGY IMPLEMENTATION AMD CONTROL. 8. Strategy Implementation: Organizing for Action. 9. Strategy Implementation: Staffing and Directing. 10.

Evaluation and Control. V. OTHER STRATEGIC ISSUES. 11. Strategic Issues in Managing Technology and Innovation. 12. Strategic Issues in Entrepreneurial Ventures and Small Businesses. 13. Strategic Issues in Not-for-Profit Organizations. VI. INTRODUCTION TO CASE ANALYSIS. 14. Suggestions for Case Analysis. VII. CASES IN STRATEGIC MANAGEMENT. Section A. Corporate Governance, Social Responsibility and Ethics. The Recalcitrant Director at Byte Products, Inc.: Corporate Legality versus Corporate Responsibility, Dan R. Dalton, Richard A. Cosier, Cathy A. Enz. The Wallace Group, Laurence J. Stybel. The Audit, John A. Kilpatrick, Gamewell D. Gantt, George A.

Johnson. McKesson Makes a Deal, Phyllis G. Holland, John E. Oliver, Peter M. Bergevin, Kenneth L. Stanley. Section B. International Issues in Strategic Management. Singapore Telecom: Strategic Challenges in a Turbulent Environment, Loizos Heracleous, Kulwant Singh. Hewlett-Packard Company in Vietnam, Geok Theng Lau. The Body Shop International PLC: Anita Roddick, OBE, Ellie A. Forgart, Joyce P. Vincelette, Thomas L. Wheelen. Waterford Wedgwood, PLC. (2000): The Millennium, Thomas L. Wheelen, Edward Kosobov, Philip H. Anderson, Kathryn E. Wheelen. Section C. General Issues in Strategic Management. Industry One:

Internet/Software. Larry J. Ellison-Entrepreneurial Spirit at Oracle Corporation (2000), Joyce P. Vincelette, Ellie A. Fogarty, Thomas L. Wheelen. Palm Computing, Inc. 2002: How to Survive in the Crowded PDA Market? Cynthia Tonucci, Alan N. Hoffman. Handspring, Inc. 2002, Lisa-Marie Mulkern, Alan N. Hoffman. Apple Computer Inc. (2000): Here We Go Again, David B. Croll, Gordon P. Croll, Andrew J. Croll. Industry Two: Internet Companies., Laura Cooke, Liza Hovey, Hyung Kim, Paul Rakowski., Nicole Herskowitz, Fred Howard, Michael Iverson, Janet Mehlhop, Pilar Speer. Industry Three: Recreation and Leisure.

Harley-Davidson, Inc. 2002: The 100th Anniversary, Patricia A. Ryan, Thomas L. Wheelen. Carnival Corporation (2002), Michael J. Keeffe, John K. Ross, III, Bill J. Middlebrook. Reebok International, Ltd. 2002 Thomas L. Wheelen, Moustafa H. Abdelsamad, Richard D. Wheelen, Thomas L. Wheelen II. Industry Four: Major Home Appliances. U.S. Major Home Appliance Industry in 2002: Competition Becomes Global, J. David Hunger. Maytag Corporation (2002), J. David Hunger. Industry Five: Mass Merchandising. Kmart Corporation: Seeking Survival in a Changing Marketplace 2002, James W. Camerius. Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.: On Becoming the World’s Largest Company 2002, James W. Camerius.

Industry Six: Specialty Retailing/Distribution. The Home Depot, Inc.: Growing the Professional Market (Revised), Thomas L. Wheelen, Hitesh (John) P. Adhia, Thomas H. Cangley, Paul M. Sweircz. Gardner Distribution Co.-Providing Products for Plants and Pets, Tom Hinthorne. Industry Seven: Entrepreneurial Ventures. Adrenaline Air Sports, Larry Alexander, Billy Cockrell, Jonathan Charlton. 25. Inner-City Paint Corporation Revised, Donald K. Kuratko, Norman J. Gierlasinski. Guajilote Cooperativo Forestal: Honduras, Nathan Nebbe, J. David Hunger. Industry Eight: Manufacturing.

The Vermont Teddy Bear Co., Inc. (2002): Challenges Facing a New CEO (Revised), Joyce P. Vincelette, Ellie A. Fogarty, Thomas M. Patrick, Thomas L. Wheelen. The Carey Plant, Thomas L. Wheelen, J. David Hunger. Industry Nine: Beverage/Food. Arm & Hammer 2002: Church & Dwight Grows Up, Roy A. Cook. Redhock Ale Brewery, Stephen E. Barndt. Industry Ten: Transportation. American Airlines’ Dilemma: 2002, Richard C. Scamehorn. The Boeing Commercial Group: Decision 2001, Richard C. Scamehorn. Mercedes-Benz and “Swatch”:

Inventing the Smart and Networked Organization, Eric Pfaffmann, Ben M. Bensaou. Section D. Issues in Not-for-Profit Organizations. A.W.A.R.E. Always Wanted a Riding Experience, John K. Ross, III, Eric G. Kirby. Section E. Internet Research Mini-Cases. eBay, Maryanne Rouse. Hershey Foods Corporation, Maryanne Rouse. AirTran Holdings, Inc. Maryanne Rouse. Tyson Foods, Inc. Maryanne Rouse. Eli Lily & Company, Maryanne Rouse. Section F. Additional internet Research Mini-Cases Available on Web Site. Southwest Airlines Company, Maryanne Rouse. Stryker Corporation, Maryanne Rouse. H.J. Heinz Company, Maryanne Rouse. Williams-Sonoma,