Strategic Business Unit

Introduction A Strategic Business Unit (SBU) is when a unit comprises one or more products having a common market base whose manager has complete responsibility for integrating all function in to a strategy against an identifiable competitor. An SBU is composed of a product or product lines having identifiable independence from other products or product lines in term of competition, prices, substitutability of product, style/quality, and impact of product withdrawal. (Kendrick, 2009) Sometimes a division in a company may have two or more SBUs.

Body The product market analysis of the 2012 Chevy Silverado 2500HD LTZ Series is: A 4-wheel drive pickup truck with crew cab standard box with four doors. It has a maximum torque of 765 lbs/ft and payload of 4212 lbs. It also has a package deal and leather seats, with heated and cooling options. Also has an enhancement performance on the Tow/Haul mode and a choice of having a Duramax 6. 6L Turbo-Diesel and Allison Transmission or a 6. 0 L V8 Engine with Flex fuel capability.

It has a 36 gallon tank and when using Duramax engine, it offers up to 680 highway miles. Its technology has the On-star function with auto-start remote access, a Siriux XM Satellite Radio, rear vision camera, Bluetooth Wireless Technology and USB Port for your MP3 player. Lastly, it has Stabilitrak and a Diesel Exhaust Braking System. 1. Their primary competitors are other trucks that have similar functions and technology. Some of the trucks out there like the GMC Sierra 2500, Toyota Tundra, Ford F250, Nissan Titan and the Dodge Ram Truck.

All these truck have similar gadgets and technology, but what really concerns the customers, is of course, the price, the MPG on highway and streets, the horse power and or torque and the towing capacity. According to US News Magazine truck analysis, the best truck is currently the Ford Heavy Duty and then the Chevrolet 2500HD. 2. The target market for the product is usually males with construction jobs or who likes to tow and likes loading capacity of a truck. I, too, am a target customer for this, and I want one so that I can load anything in the back and take it with me.

I also like the torque and the horse power of the trucks. I guess you can say it’s a manly kind of thing. But I do see some females like to own one, maybe because they are from the country side or something. In a nutshell, I truly believe the target market would be rural areas with farmlands. 3. The product is positioned in the market to compete with other competitors. Chevy shows great commercials of their capabilities and has been marketing the toughness of their trucks. They use statistics and value of how they can perform.

The image it sells is sexy in a way, because it looks so clean and presentable. They have different packages to choose from, like diesel or gasoline, 4WD or 2WD, the kinds of seats and entertainment packages. The price is a little steep, but comes with the quality and a 5 year or 100,000 miles warranty. It is been sold everywhere in the states and cities. Heck it can be sold in American Samoa and different parts of the world. Its distribution is worldwide and verily available. In my opinion on if they are successful in the market world, I would say so.

Write in third person … give your reasoning but don’t refer to yourself and then back up your points with research. They are ranked second on the top rank trucks by US News. It might be higher in other countries. But I believe they are getting the product sold in numerous places and their commercials have done a great job in making the audience believe in their product. The product in being positioned as the best truck in the world, and it has the US labor and sweat in building it to be the toughest truck there is. It builds the American economy and it creates jobs for America.

The only outside influence I can think off would be taxes and the way people think about American trucks versus their own. I have uncles that think Japanese cars and trucks are better and last longer than American automobiles. They buy cause of engine quality and long lasting. Americans buy it cause of safety and how tough it is in case of an accident. That is what people believe. Conclusion The only impact that I can think of for the customer to have is either they have a good product or they don’t. Chevy products are good products and most Americans will be great happy in having a Chevy or an American product.

Some might have problems, but Chevy will always willing to help anyone. I own a 2007 Chevy Suburban, and I had some issues with it for its technology packages that led to some oil issues. My warranty was out, but was able to convince General Motors to help pay for the issue. The customer service will always be there for American Products. You had some good information. Be sure to leave “you” out of it though. References: Kendrick, T. , (2009) Identifying and Managing Project Risk, essential tools for failure-proofing your project, 2nd Edition, New York, NY: AMACOM.