Steven Truscott

Eyewitness testimonies are considered unreliable and were neglected for helping gather evidence in Steven Truscotts case. There are two witnesses that provided evidence that indicates that a car could have been present where Lynn Harper was rapped. George Edens found Lynn Haper’s body and said you could see car skid marks. Bob Lawson said he saw a car parked near spot but he had never seen a car there before.

This all corresponds with Steven Truscotts statement that he left Lynn Harper near highway 8 and saw her get into a car. Jocelyne Godette who was 13 provide the police with evidence that did not match up. She testified that she went to the bush looking for Steven that evening because they had a date. But previously she had said she went looking for Lynn.

She also asked a local farmer to change his stament to match up with hers. People believed Jocelyne even though her evidence was false and made Steven look responsible . Gordon Logan who was 12, told police he looked up from fishing and saw Steven and Lynn ride across the bridge. Then, shortly afterwards he saw Steven coming back alone. However, the police said the boy made this up to protect his friend and that the bridge was too far to see anything clearly (which was tested and proven untrue).

The time of death given by the stomach contents presented by Dr. Pennistan shifted to coincide with the Crown’s case against Steven Truscott. Dr. Pennistan was said to have been able to pinpoint the murder with remarkable precision. Relying mainly on the analysis of Lynn’s stomach contents he placed the time of death precisely in between 7:15 pm and 7:45 pm — an astonishing precision even with the forensic tools available today.

Two previous undisclosed reports from Dr. Pennistan show different times of death that were not included in the 1959 trial. The two other times were 12:45 on June 10th or 4:45 on June 10th. Those two times are very far off from between 7:15 and 7:45pm on June 9th. New examination regarding Lynn’s time of death took place and based on stage of body, histology, and weather and appropriate time of death was similar to Dr. Pennistans other reports- day or night of June 10th.

Two penis lesions found on Steven Truscott were inappropriate and unsubstantial evidence to prosecute Steven Truscott. The two lesions on his penis were found and discussed in court. The conversation was inappropriate and embarrassing for a 14 year old boy. He had to listen why several people publicly in court discussed the appearance of his privates. He was left feeling mortified with the doctors exaggeration. There were three doctors who examined Steven two of them clamming the lesions were the size of a quater.

However, the third doctor said he had observed no injury at all. But the third doctors report never surfaced during the trial. The lesion could not prove a rape attempt. The penis lesions evidence would have little probative value. The prejudicial potential outweighs its probative value. This evidence can not prove Steven murdered Lynn and does little too advance the case. Steven Truscott had a skin condition. After a dermatologists opinion it was decided that a probable explanation for the lesions was a pre existing ski condition.