Stereotypes Of Mechanics

‘Stereotypes Of Mechanics’ There are many different stereotypes when it comes to taking your vehicle to a mechanic, whether it is one in your town our out. The stereotypes of mechanics will always be there. There are a lot of things that people label mechanics unjustly for such as, they tend to believe that we as mechanics’ are all stupid and un-educated, that we all are grease monkeys and we want nothing more than to rip them off.

That we waste time and our prices are unfairly marked. It seems to me that the most important stereotype that gets me is when they have a tendency to think that if one mechanic did a ‘shady’ or other words un-reliable job, that that is how all mechanics are. That how in some significant way seem to think that somehow their age, religion, gender, race, and or attitude play a role in the way there vehicle is handled and serviced. I can remember a certain circumstance that happened to me in my life; it was a cold day in December 2007 at my friends’ garage, where I moonlight on the weekends. We had been working on a 1996 Toyota corolla when, a large man pulled up in his navigator. He had stated that it had been over heating, and wanted us to take a look at it. I told him it would be a few hours to leave it there because we already had a car that needed to be finished first.

Well he didn’t like that, he had got mad and said: that all you mechanics are just a fucking like you rather work on that piece of shit corolla then my navigator. I had told him I am sorry he felt that way, but we do not discriminate from one customer’s car to the next, that they are all the same. He said well where I am from they would have done mine for me now; I wouldn’t had to have waited like this. That it must be are dumb redneck education and location, is why we where not smart enough to do his first, that it must be the way we where raised. So I told him that he was more then welcome to wait, if not he can take it somewhere else, he was a little upset and left. The funny thing was it was not more then an hour, when I heard a car pull up. I looked out and there was that man standing out in the driveway with my boss.

They walked in; the boss had called me to his office and, said have you met my brother? I looked puzzled, he said I wanted to tell you thank you for the work you do and, wanted to test you guys to make sure you are all treating the customers’ right. Sorry I had to do this way but, hey you guys did well. So the stereotypes’ will always and, forever be there. You just have to remember that you must keep a level head, not get sucked in to stereotyping someone else. Always remember, hey when there talking about me they are just human and, when there talking about me there leaving someone else alone, even if just for a few moments.