Stephen King

overview – Its obvious that the united states would have to compromise it ideals to preserve the grand alliance if we didnt it would be like american dominating over all the countries which would result in conflict. To create the united nations the united states had to make compromises Just like they made compromises with the declaration of the liberated europe for example we did not wish to have any repermations,However in the final document the othe nations wanted to have access to german labor and prodction as a form of reconstructing the losses they took during the war.

Economically the untied nations and the U. S were on the same page we believed that it was best not to get involved in germanys economy. Militarly we also agreed with the unitted nations we believed that of the ideals of demilitarization and our view of nazism conincided with the UN. We also got what we wanted for the border listed below. With the following question of keeping peace after the war roosevelt debated with thhe other countries on a voting system that passes where each country /slash unit got one vote and each unit was composed of 7 members .

In all America did come up with the majority of the ideas and did have most of them in the final document However America made compromises to details within each article/measure The grand alliance would have never made if if Some of the American ideals were not compromised . American were opened to discusion along with the other countries which is why the metting and the united nations agreement was sucessful.

To wrap it up you can not have an agreement with other countries if you do not compromise the declaration of liberated europe-the countries have agreed upon:establish conditions of internal peace ,carry out emergeny relife measures,form interim goverment represenatives,hold elections follow the guide lines of the atlantic charter:Reparation also include german labor and annual deliverys of goods for a set amount of time Territory separations IE the treasury plan: Poland will retake east prussia (away from ussr)

France will recieve saar and parts near the rhine and the mosell rivers For the rest of the terriotry it will turn into neautral ground where no production or natural resorces will be used(contradition with untied states look below).

The united nations view point of german affairs: Like the americans they wish to demilitarize germany Unlike america they wish to “write in stone” the fact that german should be separated into north and south German economy-The untied nations will have no part in german economy American policy for the treatment of germany demilitartization(no more manufacturing of arms or any other wepons/euipment),nazi part and other assosiations will be dissolved,the un will control propaganda and the press to make sure their is no more rise of nazism for this reason as well we wish to control the germans education systems to prevent this,we wish the junker states to be redistributed.

The primary goal for german economics is 1. the standards of german living will be at the basic levels 2. germans should be dependent on imports and exports 3. they will no longer be an economic power in europe.

Contradictions with these goal:if we set a standard of living the poeple will not be able to reach their full ability (ie the american dream) On the topic of imports and export we SHOULD NOT create the ruhr terriotry into a ghost territory because it supplies to many people and by getting rid of it you will be directly hurting everyone economy due to the lack of trade. AMERICAN POLICY ON FOREIGN COUNTRYS : we wish to see poland become a sperate nation with a representive government We would also like to se yugoslava be a seperate nation/federation.