Is the Statement Stop Snitching Valid as a Survival Strategy in the Inner City Urban Environment

To be a snitch means to be a tattle teller. It is also known as being an informer or someone who shares advice. In the latter day urban society snitching is considered to be one of the ways of getting yourself in unwanted trouble. Like they say don’t go sticking your nose in other people’s business, snitching is exactly the opposite of it. Growing up in today’s urban society it has become a debate whether or not snitching is good or bad. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion on how to approach a touchy subject as such. Snitches get stitches is a slogan used by many.

To gang members it is considered to be a guideline of how to show their respect, trust and loyalty. It is like advice given to let people know that if you tell on someone else you will reap the punishment. The urban society considers it to be a code of the streets. Even in the music business, the Word snitch goes a long way. In the field of criminal justice snitching is used to catch Criminals. The reason why the people of today think that snitching is the wrong thing to do is because it is portrayed that way through our music. Music artist know that their words have great influence on their listeners.

It plays a big role on how the children coming up live their lives. Children are naive and will believe anything they hear. They tend to follow what they see or hear on the radio and television. This makes it very hard for the law system to convey that “snitching” is not as bad as it may seem. Originally the snitching method was used by police force. They used it to solve many cases and crime mysteries. They feel that if you witness a crime then you should stand up for what’s right and tell someone. I understand where they are coming from with wanting to get to the bottom of things.

A lot of cases go unsolved because people are scared to come forth and only because they were told that it is wrong to tell. I feel that it is not wrong to tell when it involves someone else’s life. Innocent people get killed and murdered and their killers are never found because people are scared that if they tell then they too will reap what they sowed. This is a very touchy subject being that there are two different views. I feel that if you think about it, as irrational as it may seem our “ no snitching” policy is encouraging our youth to lash out in acts of violence which plays a major role in our societies crime rate.

Teens now feel like shooting and stabbing in a way of justice, when in fact it is a way of cruel and unjust punishment. Not only is it playing into many stereotypes of teenage minorities but its terrorizing our communities. Well if you really think about it, why are black and Hispanic communities considered slums? Why does the youth in those communities feel more comfortable commuting crime in these areas? In my opinion it is because they know that no one is going to snitch. Where as in predominantly white areas, they have a strict hold on their communities because they are less fearful of speaking up.

They value and cherish their communities in ways that we should and do not. Teens and adults in our so called “hoods” are more fearful of speaking up against a violent crime then they are fearful of committing one. It is destroying our youth and communities. People should care more about their safety and as well as the safety of their communities. If we really care, we would start snitching and stop allowing these bizarre street rules to withhold us from true justice. These awkward rules we so highly value are doing nothing but tarnishing out neighborhoods and destroying our reputations.

This makes it harder for us to pursue a true lifestyle. A lifestyle that is dignified in my opinion and is worth living for and fighting for. In the music business, I have learned many of them have a negative point of view on snitching. Such as rapper Cam’ron who says snitching hurt his business. He calls snitching a “code of ethics”. The rapper David Banner also does not agree on the snitching policy. He feels that people should keep their mouth shut. If involved in a situation their friends or people should bodyguard could have been avoided.

He made a statement saying that he is going to continue to make music to encourage people that snitching is wrong. He says that people need to stand by one another, but with him doing this it does not solve the crime rate. It just males children act up in kinds of way and go against what is right. Eventually the world will come to an understanding and soon realize that portraying that snitching is wrong and that standing up for what is right is not a bad thing. It will change society and maybe our children coming up today will honor this.