Speech – Henry Ford

Contrary to the popular belief that Henry Ford and his Ford Motor Company invented an automobile; Henry Ford’s most significant contribution was actually the invention of the moving assembly line. Topic – Today, I am here to discuss with you, one of the greatest inventions of Henry Ford and how it transformed our society. Importance – Ford's assembly line invention was a great contribution to the American Industrial world that revolutionized the way we made cars, and more importantly how much they cost. Preview Points –

First, we will be discussing how this invention changed the way cars were produced and secondly how it made a difference to our society and country. Resource – American Inventor – http://www. american-inventor. com/henry-ford. aspx Body – Let me start with taking you back in the history, around 1908, when Ford Motor Company began selling their famous Model T for $825 each. In those days, it was considered to be sturdy, reliable and inexpensive; resulting in enormous demand for the vehicle that Ford was not able to meet. As popularly said, that necessity is the mother of all inventions.

Ford’s answer to the increasing demand pressure was the installation of a moving assembly line in his factory. Prior to this installation employee used to work in groups to build each car, but now they were able to build a car piece by piece. This principle called “division of labor”, allowed workers to do one thing at a time and focus on one part instead of working with multiple moving parts. As a result of this change, the system produced cars quickly and efficiently. Henry Ford's factory in Michigan was soon producing a car every 93 minutes.

Ford soon realized the cost efficiencies generated by the system and decided to lower the price of the vehicle, and in a matter of 4 years, the price of model T dropped to $575. Research Resource – http://www. eyewitnesstohistory. com and http://www. thehenryford. org Now, let’s discuss how this invention impacted our society and country. In a matter of 7 years, prices dropped more than 300% that made cars a lot more affordable. This invention resulted in a huge transition of our society and country by making cars not only affordable, but putting us right on the global map for the level of production.

Growing demand had rippling effects on the economy and employment. Demand for labor increased, as a result Ford decided to increase the minimum wages to $5 and also reduced the work hours of his employees. By 1912 there were over 7,000 Ford dealers across the country serving the growing demands of the local communities. Research Resource – http://www. invent. org and http://www. pbs. org/ Conclusion-Within a few years of his invention, an automobile, that was once considered a luxury for the rich, was now affordable and accessible to a common man. It was a dream that we see realized on our roads every day!