Specific Cyberbullying Law

The UK does not have specific cyberbullying laws, but “does have a number of significant other laws in place with associated case law in this area, making the UK actually a stronger legal representation of this matter than a country that has recently passed specific cyberbullying laws but has no case law in place yet”. (Dobson, K. 2019)

According to the government website (Gov UK 2019) “bullying itself is not against the law, but harassment is. This is when unwanted behavior is related to protected characteristics, examples of these can be age, sex and gender etc”. This is when Carina’s Clothes would need to establish if employees were being bullied or harassed and then agree on a form of punishment for each one.

Being as Carina’s Clothes target audience is females and according to Fapohunda, T.M (2013) “women tend to be more workplace bullies than men and have greater risks of becoming targets”, this means that as a business Carina’s clothes needs to be more aware of what information the business sends out in different countries as women have a high chance of being bullied, which could cause risk to the business if not dealt with properly, and that they may feel targeted, and then this could lead to not wanting to come to work.

However being as there isn’t a specific law for cyberbullying in the UK there are still places to find information on how to confront this issue, one being the government website, and there is advice in America for them to find however “victims often do not possess the self-confidence and self-esteem to lodge a complaint and may feel powerless to report due to fear of job dismissal” says Fapohunda, T.M, (2013)

Just like the UK there is no federal anti-bullying law. However there are “49 states which have anti-bullying legislation, bullying is not illegal. When bullying is also harassment, it does break federal law”. (Stop bullying 2018)

“A recent survey from The Workplace Bullying Institute (WBI) says that over 60 million, which is nearly half of all workers, are victims of workplace bullying”. (Stop bullying 2018) This is a huge number and this potentially could stop Carina’s Clothes from selling products In the US as it could affect the business employees and as a business Carina’s Clothes would not want to put their employees in a situation like this and where they may feel uncomfortable to talk to another member of staff to sort this situation.

Tucker, J. 2018 says that “currently, there are no laws in place against actual workplace bullying, unless the bullying turns into or includes a form of sexual harassment or discrimination, this is the same as the UK, which could mean that it would be safe to sell Carina’s Clothes products In America as they have similar laws against cyberbullying which would mean that employees and customers would be generally covered and properly looked after if cyberbullying was to occur in the workplace. From a legal standpoint, there isn’t much recourse, although there is hope with efforts from the Healthy Workplace Campaign which has helped introduce various anti-workplace bullying bills with some hope of new laws being formed that directly attack the practice.” (Tucker, J. 2018)

As a business Carina’s Clothes needs to be wary of any cyberbullying or bullying in the workplace and making sure that if unfortunately it does occur Carina’s Clothes needs to deal with them in a fashionable manner, making sure that our customers will be safe and feel safe, when we sell to these countries.

There are different “components that are addressed in each state’s laws, policies, and regulations, allowing for a quick comparison of how each state compares (view source A and B via my appendix this shows All states also have criminal harassment and/or stalking statutes, and most include explicit reference to electronic forms”. Cyberbullying Research Centre no date) This shows that for Carina’s Clothes to sell in America it would need to make sure that it was safe to do so in all states and not having a worrying thought about employee or customers. However viewing this Carina’s Clothes would sell their products in the US as it is hard to stop cyberbullying in general and as a company we wouldn’t want the US to feel that we would share our products with them over trust, however reviewing the fact that employees would just need to be wary as to what is on our social media pages and to have a workplace policy that counteracts with employees that work in the US.

Carina’s clothes could also have a “digital marketing strategy that encourages employees to blog about their experience working for us, showing company life and gain a better connection with your customers, therefore we would not sell our products where our employees could be at risk due to our digital marketing strategy” (Dobson, K 2019), however as previously said as long as we stick to the laws that are stated for cyber bullying we should be safe to sell out products in these countries. However, if something did start to appear more frequently than for our employees safely then we would stop them blogging.


To make sure that cyberbullying doesn’t occur within business, Carina’s clothes needs to make a policy and have a section on cyber bullying matters, explaining the consequences and actions that will be taken if it occurs with the business. If it happens outside the UK, Carina’s Clothes will have set rules for the business to solve the problems fast and easily as if it was just a person in their own business. Fapohunda, T. M (2013) Carina’s Clothes as a business should be safe as the business does not have many employees just yet as it’s only small, and when selling to America as long as the business is professional and doesn’t encourage social media harassment.