Сomplaint to Milton Keynes College

An overseas student has decided to make a complaint to Milton Keynes College because he wasn't well informed regarding the Visa to stay in education in United Kingdom. In order for the overseas student to enrol to Milton Keynes College, the college's different departments all need to depend on each other to help the student, and to help the college to achieve their objectives. The Customer service (which is located in Chaffron Way) is first in line of who the overseas student should speak to because they are responsible to provide a service before, during and after a service has been given.

Once the customer service team has made a note of what the issue was they will pass the information to the administration to record the issue and any information that is given by the student. The administration is decentralised into each campus of the college, this means evey campus of the college will have their own administration team so that work can be done faster and consume less time. The admissions department is then involved as they are responsible for providing the information for prospective students whether they home students or overseas students.

The college uses a program called Pro Solution which creates a database of all the admissions and all the information including all the enrolments of the new students and their personal details and any possible information that was given to them. The finance department is also involved because every time a department stops for a problem any projects or work that is supposed to be worked on will be halted for a period of time.

The finance department will need to work out how much it will cost them. Milton Keynes College's finance department is centralised in Chaffron Way, this means that there are only one finance department for all of the college campuses. This could be because Chaffron Way is the main office for the college and all of the interviewing process is done there. The marketing department is involved because they are responsible for the marketing and advertising on the prospectus and open days.

The marketing department for the college is centralised in the UCMK (University Centre Milton Keynes) campus rather than decentralised in every single campus, this is more convenient for the team because if each campus has a marketing department and has an idea to promote the college it may lead to many disputes, therefore having one marketing team in one place saves the college much more time. The Human Resources department (HR) is involved because they will need to know who is responsible for the error made and whether or not something could be done to prevent any similar incidents.

The human resources department is centalised in the Bletchley campus because although the finance deartment is located in Chaffron Way and the marketing department is located in the UCMK campus, the Bletchley campus is more spacious for the HR work and more suited for the training of any staff. The college's I. T department is involved because all of the departments within the college is involved with the use of I. T, each college campus has their own I.

T department, for example if the Chaffron Way campus' computer network are down and there are only one I. T department located in Bletchley the computer users in Chaffron Way will need to wait for some time for someone from the I. T department to make their way from Bletchley to Chaffron way and this requires a lot of time. Therefore in order for the college to solve any I. T problems at a much faster pace, having an I. T department in every campus is a smart and convenient idea.