Socialism advocates

Socialism advocates that the community should own and control the means of production, distribution and exchange. This ideology is famous since the 1800s. It has been said that in today’s society, socialism is impossible. I agree with that, but only to a certain extent. Marxists say that it is not possible to escape socialism, as in some ways, we see it exercised today. Socialism prioritizes the needs of human beings and eliminates the profit motive which drives war, and results to inequalities based on nationality, race, gender and sexuality.

It also means that every person has the right to participate in making the decisions that affect them. Such decisions may be such as those that concern organization of food production and on the usage of global resources. Socialization does not allow people, however powerful they are to take personal control of the resources that they do not possess. Socialism is international because the resources have to be shared by all people. (Wilde Oscar, 2004, pg 2-5) b. Criticism against socialism

In criticizing socialism, I would say that the regulations that have been put by the social democracy are a hindrance to wealth creation, which is very necessary to eliminate poverty all over the world. They are also a limitation to the growth of the economy and its efficiency. The social democratic programs which are organized by the government to oversee the smooth running of the socialism activities are very expensive. Sometimes, they can result to huge budget deficits, and hence become a burden to the economy.

Although socialism involves people’s opinions and ideas on how the public resources should be used, this happens in a very rare occasion. Most of the time, those with power and influence are the ones who determine how these resources will be used. The common man is rarely included in the decision making. (Wilde Oscar, 2004, pg 45) One of the goals of socialism is to alleviate global poverty. Although efforts have been made to address the issue of poverty, the progress is very slow.

Some of the money allocated to such goals is squandered by politicians. It may take hundreds of years to establish a world without poverty and disease. Another mistake that the socialists do is to rely on taxes to fund their projects, instead of planning for better ways in which they can get money to fund their projects. (Wilde Oscar, 2004, pg 45) 5) Differences between conservatism, liberalism and socialism Unlike liberalism, conservatism opposes the changes in the social life and the economic domain.

It wishes to continue with the differences in the social classes that have been in existence, from as long as the time of the Pharaohs of Egypt. It also accepts change if only it occurs at a slow or a gradual pace. Conservatism acknowledges the fact that some people in the society are more capable than others and that they should be the ones placed at the positions of authority. On the other hand, liberalism supports the exact opposite of what conservatism advocates.

While liberalism has many times been identified with democracy, it has also been criticized in that there are people in the society who do not want all people to have an equal opportunity in life. Another difference between the three is that while socialism and liberalism emphasize on the unity and equal distribution of wealth, conservatism supports the ownership of wealth by only the privileged ion the society. This is unfair, because every person deserves to benefit from the economic resources, since they do not belong to any one.