Social Justice in the Phillipines Paper Example

In my own point of view the social justice in the Philippines is not totally implemented for the poor and the oppressed people but for the rich one it is. Social justice in the Philippines can hardly be described because of corrupt government authorities and abuse of political power. Government officials are so blinded of the authoritative power that they have reached to the point that they already forgot whom they are truly serving, the people. They have forgotten who put them in the position of the government.

Social justice is an intelligible system of law, made known to us, enacted by a legitimate government freely chosen by us, and enforced fairly and equitably by a courageous, honest, impartial, and competent people, legal profession and judiciary that respects our rights and our freedoms both as individuals and as a people, seeks to repair the injustices that society has inflicted on the poor by eliminating poverty, develops a self-directed and self-sustaining economy that meets the basic material needs of all and then to provide an improving standard of living for all, changes our institutions and structures and adopts means and processes that are capable of attaining those objectives.

From the film shown I think it just proves that the distribution of power in the government is not fair which leads to social injustices and degradation of human rights and dignity. The greatest enemy of social justice is poverty and corruption which makes the rich more rich and the poor becomes poorer, in this sense the poor have been deprived on what is due to them including their right of suffrage, right to own a land, education, health and medication. The rights and property of each individual is not properly divided and distributed to the people so as good start to the pursuant on social justice, we must first eliminate officials who have proven to be unworthy of their position.