Smart Grid Summary

Revolutionary changes are happening all around us today at an extraordinarily fast pace. One of those ground-breaking changes is the application of Smart Grid Technology. This technology has enormous potential to change the way my generation and future generations will live. Smart Grid technology will have an immense effect on energy efficiency, emission reductions, and convenience for producers and consumers. The radical changes made by Smart Grid technology will allow for society’s production and efficiency to expand at an extreme rate by providing two way communications for both electricity and information.

Smart Grid technology will change the efficiency of our power grid by a substantial amount. The ability for the houses, offices, and other energy users to communicate with the Smart Grid at all times will greatly improve efficiency. This communication will provide vital real time information that will immeasurably improve the lives of my generation. With the enormous increase in efficiency, the cost of energy will be significantly reduced.

The reduction in energy cost will be a huge step toward energy abundance in our society. This step toward energy abundance will greatly improve the productivity of my generation by allowing individuals to use the abundant energy to solve some of the world’s toughest problems.

Not only will the efficiency of our energy grid increase with Smart Grid technology, but so will emission reductions. With the ability of the consumers of energy to also be producers of energy, the potential power of the vast number of energy users will be utilized. This potential power of the energy users will have a massive effect on emission reductions because of the energy that individual users can provide for the grid by way of zero-emission solar panels. This will allow users to consume no more energy than they produce, resulting in net zero carbon emissions. A 64% reduction in emissions has already been witnessed in a Smart Grid initiative in Austin Texas.

The excess amount of energy that consumers produce will also reduce the energy costs by allowing users to sell their excess energy back to the grid. This is where I believe that I will personally interact with the Smart Grid. In my future home, I predict that I will be a producer of electricity by using either solar panels or wind turbines. I will also utilize thecapability of the Smart Grid by selling the surplus energy that I produce.

Smart Grid technology will also greatly improve the convenience of energy consumption for my generation. One way it will improve convenience is the fact that the Smart Grid has the ability to send energy usage information to consumers’ smart phones and computers. With the exponentially increasing number of computer users in the world, the potential effects of the Smart Grid on our energy grid’s convenience are enormous. Smart Grid technology will also greatly improve convenience with the use of new digital smart meters. These meters are a vast improvement over the dial meters that are used today. The increase in convenience that the Smart Grid will provide will vastly improve the standard of living and quality of life for my generation.

Smart Grid Technology will create many drastic improvements on our power supply system. Some of those improvements include an improvement in efficiency, a reduction in emissions, and an increase in convenience. All of these improvements will be provided because of the two way communication that the Smart Grid provides. These improvements will be also supplied by the utilization of the potential power of energy consumers. These improvements will also greatly improve the quality of life and productivity of my generation, which in turn will aid my generation in solving many of the future problems our world will encounter.

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