Smart Car Analysis Paper

Daimler is a multinational business that is branching out in many countries worldwide. Smart Cars are mainly manufactured at a plant in France. The smart car was first introduced to the United States in 2008. Daimler’s plan is to globally expand the smart car in every country it can. The Smart Car has already been successful in places such as Europe and North America. Daimler distributed Smart Cars over the Internet using the $99 reservation program. This helped the Smart Car expand globally; the $99 reservation program was a big hit in the United States.

The first major SmartUSA model is the Pure Model. The pure model has a starting price of $11,590. The second model is the Passion Coupe starting at $13,590. The next model is the Passion Cabriolet. The Cabriolet starts at $16,590. The fourth model, and the most unique, is the Electric Drive Model. For one to obtain a four-year lease on the Electric Drive it would cost $599 per month. The most important advantage of the Smart Car is its fuel efficiency.

The smart car can go about 40 miles on the highway using just one gallon of premium gasoline. With the economy being down, this feature would save Americans an excessive amount of gas money. Another advantage of the Smart Car is that it is an accessible vehicle for city dwellers, and it makes parking in tight spots easy.

The Smart Car does have disadvantages though. One important disadvantage is that the vehicle only has two seats, making the Smart Car out of range for most American families. Some other disadvantages include its highway performance. When on the highway, the Smart Car tends to become twitchy and unsettling.

There is also no clutch on the Smart Car. Due to this when shifting gears, the driver must be very patient. Daimler uses the Smart Car to target environmentally concerned Americans who want to save cash and the planet. Daimler also tends to target city dwellers because of its small features. Before purchasing a Smart Car, one should definitely consider its highway performance. Even for individuals that drive mainly in the city, if the smart car is going to be used as a daily driver, it is most likely going to have to enter the interstate or highway at some point in time

. Another issue one should consider before purchasing a smart car is the safety features. Many people have debated over this topic, so before purchasing this vehicle, it would be wise to personally research the topic.

One way that Daimler first marketed the smart car to the United States was by doing a road show that traveled to 50 different cities in the United States. During this road show 50,000 Americans were able to test-drive the new Smart Car. Another way that Daimler was able to market the Smart Car in the United States was by using a strategy called the $99 reservation program. Americans were able to go on the Internet and reserve their car, with their own features, for only $99 dollars additional to the price of the car.

These two strategies gave Americans a desire to own the new, fuel efficient, “cute,” affordable Smart Car. Other than the excessive socialism, China is a well-developed country just like America. The same strategies used in the United States will most likely work the same way. The Smart Car should be advertised more on billboards, and on everyday items that Americans see. Even though the Smart Car has been in the United States since 2008, people still tend to stare when they see a Smart Car on the road. Daimler needs to get Americans more familiar and comfortable with the Smart Car.

If I were the President of SmartUSA I would try and better the transmission of each Smart Car. The lack of transmission durability has a lot to do with why some Americans do not like the Smart Car. I would recommend Penske Automotive to open up dealerships in more of the states if I were the President of Smart Car USA. As of right now there are only seventeen dealerships in the United States. In order to increase sales, the company should have more locations in America.

I would not buy a Smart Car. I personally like vehicles with more than 70 horsepower. I prefer older American made cars. I also think that the unsettling feeling the Smart Car makes would scare me on the interstate. I have to drive on the interstate twice a day to get back and forth from school. The Smart Car might be efficient for some people; I am not one of them.