Sheridan Academic Appeal Form

Section A – Student DetailsAdhering to Sheridan’s Academic Appeals and Consideration Policy and Procedure, this form is to be completed by a student who believes that he/she has received an unfair academic decision from the College. Please refer to the Procedure for associated timelines and note the following:  if you are considering an academic appeal, you are encouraged to consult with Student Advisement ([email protected]), your Program Coordinator/Academic Advisor or the Student Union  filling out this form does not guarantee a meeting with your Associate Dean or designate Student Information

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NOTE: Your Sheridan email account will be used for all communication from the College regarding your appeal. Type of Appeal (check the appropriate box)Final Grade DecisionAcademic Decision (please specify)Sanctions due to Academic Integrity breachProgression or graduate decisionPrior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) Assessment Review Advanced Standing ReviewOther (please specify)Grounds of Academic Appeal (check the appropriate box)Academic EvaluationCourse ManagementCompassionate


Procedural Error

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For Final Grade Appeals Only (leave blank if not applicable) Resolve Attempt

I have contacted my faculty and I am not satisfied with the resolution Date of contact (mm/dd/yy)I have attempted to contact my faculty and I have not received a response Registration Information (check the appropriate box)The final grade/academic decision I am appealing impacts my current course enrolment The final grade/academic decision I am appealing impacts my current work placement NOTE: The Office of the Registrar will check your record to ensure your enrolment is not impacted Work Placement Status


Field Placement**


Field Practicum**

INTERNAL USE ONLY* Provide form to both Academic Faculty & Director of Career Education** Provide form to both Academic Faculty & Placement/Practicum Lead

Explanation of the academic decision you are appealing, indicating why you feel it was unfair. Be thorough and complete with your details as it is your responsibility to demonstrate why your final grade or academic decision should be reviewed. (Use and attach additional sheets if required)

Please attach any relevant documentation (JPG or PDF format files) to support the issues and grounds of your appeal. Retain all original documents until your appeal is complete.

Desired Outcome (describe the appeal result you wish to receive.) (Use and attach additional sheets if required)



Section B – FOR OFFICIAL USE ONLY – to be completed by the appeal decision maker Office of the Registrar1. Review/Validate form.2. Confirm Enrolment Eligibility.3. Create Checklist for Level 1 Appeal.4. Forward to the appropriate Associate Dean or designate.

Decision (check the appropriate box)Original Decision UpheldDecision Overturned

NOTE: If the appeal results in a change to a final grade, the Associate Dean or designate will complete a Grade Change Form and forward it to the Office of the Registrar for processing

Explanation of Decision (Use and attach additional sheets if required)

Date (mm/dd/yy)Associate Dean or DesignateSignature of Associate Dean or DesignateDate Copy of Form Emailed to Student

Check Student Academic Record Following Appeal DecisionStudent academic record changes not requiredGrade change(s) requiredCourse(s) removed from the student academic record

Office of the Registrar StaffDate (mm/dd/yy)