Corporate or criminals

The corporate world, also known as the Ebenezer Scrooges, feel as if they are the good guys, but are they really? Corporate companies such as Nike, Shell, Microsoft and many more, feed the world what they want, but do they actually give back what we need? Powerful CEOs or damaging the world such as the Oil and Gas industry and Newport, but they claim that they give back to our world and that they are doing right by it, true or false?

Are the big name corporate companies really breaking down the world through their greed for money, or are they actually helping the situation? I think that the corporate world robs from the American people and never gives back to them and is destroying our economy, what do you think?

Phil Knight, (Co-Founder & Chairman of Nike Inc.), has a net worth of $16.8 billion, in an interview, when asked to travel to one of his factories in Indonesia, (with his round trip 1st class plane ticket and hotel paid for), he said he would not go. Phil Knight also stated that, he doesn’t even know what’s going on in his own factories overseas and the only time he has been over to that part of the world, is to watch the U.S Open.

According to the Huffington Post, in Indonesia Nike has six Nike-contractor factories in Indonesia are coming into position to alter the minimum wage law. According to the Australian Broadcasting Corporation reports; “they needed consent from some workers in order to be eligible. If the factories get the exemption, they will be able to pay their workers $3.70 per day instead of $4 per day.”

The Nike factory, located in (Sukabumi, Indonesia), recently had “high-ranked” militants storm the factory, forcing the employees there, to agree to work for less than the country’s minimum wage, which had just gone up. Allegedly, the militant officers had browbeaten the employees into signing a petition, stating that, Nike doesn’t have to pay them the new minimum wage.

The military officers allegedly intimidated reluctant workers into signing a petition saying that the Nike contractor did not have to pay the new minimum wage. Royal Dutch Shell, one of the worst oil gas companies in the world, has made one of the biggest mistakes in the world, to our world.

From the burning of the fossil fuels extracting from all over the planet, due to the massive infinitude of carbon dioxide that the company is transmitting into the atmosphere, seaward waters are in the procedure of acidifying because of the abundance of Carbon Dioxide our oceans are emitting in. James Barry, a senior scientist at the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute, stated that the acidity in our ocean could honestly reach 150%, even as much as 200%, by the end of this century.

Mr. Barry recently conducted a study and found out that, “more than half the near-shore waters governed by the California Current system [off the West Coast] are likely to become so acidic throughout the year that many shell-building organisms will be unable to maintain their armor.” 75-85% of the coral within the last 30-40 years have been burnt off in the Caribbean Sea. Squid, lobster, dolphins, whale and especially fish have been found to be washed up onto sea shores.