Shakespeare Research

1. William Shakespeare was baptized on 26th April, 1564, and died on 23rd April, 1616, his actual birth date remained unknown. He was an English poet and playwright, widely regarded as the greatest writer in the English language and the world’s famous dramatist. Shakespeare was born and raised up in Stratford upon Avon. He was born into a prosperous family. He was the son of John Shakespeare, an alderman, and Mary Arden, the daughter of a rich landowning farmer. He was the third child of eight in his family, also was the eldest surviving son.

An interesting thing is that, at his 18-year old, William Shakespeare married a woman named Anne Hathaway who was eight years older than him, and they got their first daughter, Susanna, after they married five months in May of 1583. Two years later, His wife delivered their twins named Hamnet and Judith. Probably he wanted to develop much better in the field of playwriting and poem, one day Shakespeare simply told his wife he was going to take a walk, then moved to London by himself, and never came back in at least ten years. Therefore, over there a lot of things really made him impressed.

Shakespeare actually did become an excellent dramatist and an awesome playwright. He wrote 37 plays and 154 sonnets in total during all his life. Another fact is that Shakespeare, one of literature’s greatest figures, never attended university, as well as his family was all illiterate. He was also an actor in his own plays in the Globe Theater. Although Shakespeare is the world’s greatest dramatist, he was only known as a businessman in his hometown of Stratford. Shakespeare’s death has been still a brainteaser even up to now, No one knows how he died.

Among the possibilities might be diseases, murder or too much drink. However, in his will, Shakespeare left his wife his “second-best” bed. 2. William Shakespeare wrote 37 plays, 2 others were included in later editions and were probably written in collaboration with other authors. He wrote three different types of plays, comedies, tragedies and histories. Comedy is one sort of plays that means light and often humorous or ironical in tone and usually contains a happy resolution of thematic conflict. A great example is “The Two Gentlemen of Verona” written by him.

Two close friends living in Verona, Valentine and Proteus, take leave of each other. Valentine is setting out on his travels on his own because Proteus doesn’t want to leave his beloved Julia. When Valentine was at Milan, he has fallen in love with Silvia, the duke’s daughter. There had been lots of trouble for them. However, they defeated all the difficulties, and finally received duke’s consent. Eventually, Valentine and Silvia, Proteus and Julia, decided to share a wedding day. Now, let me introduce his second type of plays, tragedy.

Tragedy’s definition is a drama in which the main character is brought to ruin or suffers extreme sorrow. A famous representative work is “Romeo and Juliet”. Story starts in Verona, Italy. Romeo and Juliet met at a dance party, they had fallen in love by first sight. Unfortunately, there was a feud between Romeo and Juliet’s family. When lately Juliet’s cousin Tybalt founds out that Romeo and Juliet are secretly dating, he met Romeo and started a fight with him, then Romeo killed him. When Prince’s judgement says that Romeo shall never return Verona.

On the other side Juliet had been put in an arranged marriage with Paris. Romeo’s dear friend friar wanted to save this couple. He gave Juliet some kind poison that would let she looks dead, her family will put her in the grave, and then let a servant go and tell Romeo to pick Juliet up in the grave then they could elope and live happily together. Somehow Romeo heard this before the servant told him the truth, he went back Verona and saw Juliet in the grave, he couldn’t bear the sadness in his heart that his dear love is gone, so he killed himself.

After a while Juliet wakes up and sees Romeo’s dead body hence she took her own life to be with Romeo. When the two families learned what a terrible thing they had done, they decided to stop their fight and become good friends. The last type of plays written by Shakespeare is history play, a play representing events drawn wholly or partly from recorded history. Shakespeare wrote “King John”. King John is an incredibly unpopular king and is systematically betrayed by most of the characters in the book, eventually losing the throne.

It is historically unknown whether John died in prison or was murdered, but in this version he is poisoned by a monk. Those are three types of plays Shakespeare had written. 3. The Globe Theatre is located in London associated with Shakespeare, was built in 1599 by Shakespeare’s playing company, the Lord Chamberlain’s Men, and was destroyed by fire on 29th June, 1613. The Globe had such a large noble audience during Shakespeare’s days, even Queen Elizabeth was also an audience of Shakespeare’s dramas. The Globe theatre could hold 1500 people in the audience and this number expanded to 3000 with the people who crowded

outside the theatres. The ticket prices were also different, standing in the pit for only a penny, sit in a seat would cost you three pence and the last type of tickets, lord’s room tickets, was six pence. There are lots of famous dramas were played at The Globe. “Hamlet”, “Twelfth Night”, “Richard II”, “Troilus and Cressida”, “All’s Well That Ends Well”, “Timon of Athens”, “King Lear”, “Macbeth”, “Pericles, Prince of Tyre”, “The Tempest”, “The Two Noble Kinsmen” and “Henry VIII” were all played at the Globe.

Here are some interesting facts about The Globe. Shakespeare and his company built two Globe Theatre. There was a fire and burned the first Globe Theatre to the ground with two hours. The second one was quickly re-built after only a year. In Shakespeare’s time, three different coloured flags were used to advertise the themes of plays which were to be performed at the Globe. A black flag indicates a tragedy, a white flag means a comedy and a red one represents a history.

No women were allowed to work as actress as well, all female roles were taken by young men, they have to put the vest quantity of make-up, many of boy actors died of these poisoning because of make-up. Most people don’t know that the Globe was also used for gambling. There was no heating in the Globe Theatre. The plays could only be performed during the summer and have to move to the playhouse in the winter. Before the play starts, a trumpet was used to announce to people that the play was about to begin at the Globe. 4. Time Line-William Shakespeare

* 1564, 26th April – William Shakespeare, the world’s most performed and admired playwright, was born in April, 1564 in Stratford-upon-Avon, According to the records of Stratford’s Holy Trinity Church, he was baptized on April 26. * 1582, 28th November – William Shakespeare married a woman who was 8 years older than him. After 5 months, on May 26, 1583 their first daughter Susanna was baptized. * 1589-1590 – Shakespeare was believed by most academics to have written his very first play, Henry VI, Part I in this year. * 1591 – Shakespeare had written Henry VI, and Henry VI, during 1591.

* 1592 – William Shakespeare had become well known among in the London professional theater world. * 1593 – William Shakespeare wrote the long narrative poem “Venus and Adonis”. * 1594-1599 – Shakespeare wrote a great number of plays during 5 years. He produced plays of the highest quality steadily. Shakespeare wrote “Love Labour’s Lost”, “King John”, “Romeo and Juliet”, “The Merry Wives of Windsor”, and “The Merchant of Venice”. Finally in 1599, he became part owner in the most famous public playhouse in London, the Globe. * 1601-1608 – Shakespeare wrote one of his best known tragedies, “Hamlet”.

and several comedies. * 1611-1615 – Shakespeare’s final three plays were written in collaboration with the King’s new dramatist, John Fletcher. “Henry VIII”, “Two Noble Kinsmen” and the now lost “Cardenio” were the plays. * 1616, 23rd April – William dies on April 23rd, his burial being recorded in the Stratford Holy Church Register two days later. * 1623 – Shakespeare’s wife, Anne Hathaway dies, the same year, and fellow actors John Hemminges and Henry Condell gather together and publish for the first time, 36 of Shakespeare’s 37 plays in a collection known as The First Folio.