Shakespeare Power Point

...Early Life...

Shakespeare was born on

April 23, the same day on which he died at age 52 1564 —1616

Shakespeare’s Birthplace

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He was not born into a family of nobility Parents: John and Mary Arden Shakespearen Mary— daughter of wealthy landowner John— local politician

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Education  

Shakespeare attended the local grammar school King's New School,

With the curriculum focused on a classical education, especially: -Rhetoric -Logic -History -Latin

...Marriage... Shakespeare marry Anne Hathaway on November 28, 1582. William was 18 at the time, and Anne was 26—and pregnant. Their first daughter, Susanna, was born on May 26, 1583. The couple later had twins, Hamnet and Judith, born February 2, 1585 and christened at Holy Trinity. Hamnet died in childhood at the age of 11, on August 11, 1596.

....Move to London.... Shakespeare arrived in London around 1588 and began to establish himself as an actor and playwright

The plays Sakespeare wrote 38 plays :

*14 comedies *10 histories

*10 tragedies *4 romances

The Poetry Two major poems: #Venus and Adonis #Rape of Lucrece *154 Sonnets

*Numerous other poems

Shakespeare’s Language

Shakespeare did NOT write in “Old English.” He wrote in “Early Modern English’’. At his times, was no dictionary yet published. Shakespeare himself wrote with a vocabulary of

approximately 17,000 words, four times

larger than the vocabulary of the average educated person of the time. He is famously responsible for contributing over 3000 words to the English language because he was the first author to write them down.

... The Death. Shakespeare died on April 23rd, 1616 Not exactly sure what he died from

History says he drank too much . In his will, Shakespeare left money, horses, stables, etc. to his two sons-in-law Shakespeare is buried in Holy Trinity Church in his birth village of Stratford.