Shakespeare Early Life

Many people look at their early life, as a part of their life, that shaped the person they are today. This is, arguably, true for William Shakespeare from his religious upbringings, to his early education, and even to early life events. Shakespeare used his writing as a way to express himself and all these events played significant roles, in not only his writings, but his human nature.

William Shakespeare born in Sratford, England and was also baptized there on April 26,1564. He grew up with a religious Christian upbringing by John Shakespeare and Mary Arden. William Shakespeare’s religious roots can be seen in numerous amounts of his plays and sonnets that depict many biblical allusions and references to stories in the Bible.

Shakespeare was fortunate enough to go to the prestigious King’s New School in Stratford. At the King’s New School, he learned grammar in basic Latin text that was also being used to educate the royalty in England. Shakespeare went through intensive educational training that aspired him to become a poet.

Shakespeare wedded at the age of 18 to Anne Hathaway. After their marriage, they gave birth to twins, Hamnet and Judith. Hamnet died, however, at the age of two years old. After Hamnet’s death, the next few years became Shakespeare’s “Lost Years”. Shakespeare tried escaping the death of his son. His pain carries with him throughout Shakespeare’s poetry.

The events in Shakespeare’s early life had a strong impact on his writings. The pain, religious upbringings, and life events are all avid throughout many of his sonnets and writings. If Shakespere did not encounter some of these events, historians question whether Shakespeare would be as successful of a writer.