Shakespeare. Actor

Quote:Plays were in high demand during the peak of the Elizabethan England. Which molded Shakespeare into changing how plays were produced. He had a “devotion to character development, stage direction, and mood-setting props, he combined lifelike realism with style to produce 38 plays coveted by actors and audiences alike.” Paraphrase:

In this section of the article, it talks about William Shakespeare’s life. Where and what date he was born. It also talks about who his father was and what he did for a living. Tells the reader about how Shakespeare did not go to college, explains his personal life. Also, about how made a huge impact on the English language. Summary:

William Shakespeare is the son of John Shakespeare. Shakespeare did not go to college, he dropped out and left Stratford at an early age. He was married to Anne Hathaway, and had three children. He moved to London at “the height of Elizabethan England.” At the time plays were in high demand. Which lead him to change the way that plays were written. He ended up becoming very successful, writing many plays. He is hailed as one of the greatest writers in European literature. Article 2

Quote:William Shakespeare was known “to be the greatest dramatist of all time” and still is to this day. Paraphrase:In a section in this article, it talks about Shakespeare and all his great qualities as a writer in the English Language and how no other writer could compare to what he was. Summary:

This article explains how intellectual he was as a writer. How no other writers obtain the qualities he had like, perceptiveness and poetic power. Talking about how other writers have tried to accomplish what Shakespeare has done and have not even come close. Mainly talks about how Shakespeare was so great.