Sexual Assualt Is the Crime of Violence

Exploratory study has been undertaken to shortout the problems and its solutions which is based on the review of sexual assault information on four years college and university websites that was rated with the known factors metioned in the given website. This article also depicts the results of the person who has been saved by sexual assualt while being as a student in their college/university period in New Jersey.

Sexual assualt is the crime of violence that aims the broad range of sexual harrasement/sin commited shortly against the will of the person. It is like a type of epidemics disease on the teenagers while being in their colleges/universities time. Most of the girls are being targeted by sexual assault in their student life by their own friends, teacher, collegues desperatly. This sorts of experiences which they faced could slightly hampered in their mental, physcial, emotional sense of humor and in their personnal relationships too and leads to some unexpected behavours like sitting alone, live without eating anything, don’t talk to their beloved ones, etc. But according to the given information shiorted in the article that , recently in April 2014, the White House Task Force to Protect Students from Sexual Assaul has put out the evaulation report on the given matters throughout different campus in their period of survey.unfortunately, they are unsuccessful to complete their target to polish the matter on their entire survey time due to lack of some strong information or proof.

Method and Data Used

In the informative survey, Patton M. Q . (1990). Qualitative evaluation and research methods has been used to represents the actual review based on the sexual assualt on the campuses websites.(Hayes-Smith & Hayes-Smith, 2009; Krivoshey et al., 2013).

As given on the Criteria being discussed by Eysenbach, Powell, Kuss, and Sa (2002), they has created questions based on the NIJ suggestions for promising practices for the school’s sexual assault policies (Karjane et al., 2005). The proceeding of website was began to move on by the reasearcher who later generated a protocol (like CODE by  Judson, Goldsack, Chem, & Sonnard, 20100as followed by one reviewer who have reviewed all the websites and second reviewers also reviewed the websiters as a random selection (21% of websites) in order to make it relaible and stronger to find . After their both review of Codes being successfully satisfied on 80% of the codes and while remaining 20 %, they have discussed on the decision and clarifed the checklist and code as needed later .


As for evaluation of websites,they had used rating the ecological approaches to document the presence and extent of the information about sexual assault matters on the website, which includes the following five important areas as follows;


The finding of the study description represents that information about sexual assault has not been provided suitably to all the students by some campuses whereas other campus didnot have any policies regarding the matters which might ruin their life as they fear to complaint what they are facing against their will. For instant, they hasnot pointout the problem clearly where it could bring vast changes in victims who were desperately being assaulted.


To sum up, this website reviews that though some campuses have addressed some information about sexual assault in their website, but also it might have some missing facts which really need to be improved shortly soon. The matters hasnot been fully published in campuses/universities website due to which the students are more likely to be unknown about it time to time especially women(being most victimized). This is a serious matter and has to be free accessible prior to students.


This study is based on Sexual assault which finely generated using measures, procedures of code in the website of colleges/universities. As the study also displays the well summarize of the criteria/thesis and also the impacts of the five keys areas. It also makes aware for the upcoming teenagers which they might be saved being assualted by anyone.

Reasons for Use

The author(Schwartz, Rachel; McMahon, Sarah; Broadnax, Jesica) has put their valuable time and effort to publish this website and has also gained a good reputation in their research perphaps.

The published study uses a large data base, good thesis, criteria which has mainly focused on the impacts of sexual assualt for the student of colleges and univerisities. It really helps to target on the improvement of knowledge on sexual assualt in the wesite of colleges and universities.