Sex and Independence

Kim was treated very badly in the care organisation. At one point one of the staff even made him eat his own "poo". I believe that the reason why a person such as Kim has his rights being infringed is because he is unable to communicate properly and defend himself. This becomes a barrier between Kim and others. Kim has no privacy and because of his disability he is not seen or treated as a real person who has needs, feelings or emotions. This is clearly shown in the video, as he is ignored by the care workers in the residential home, and also they do not give him what he needs as they don't listen to him.

Kim's money and possessions also get stolen. How could the care organisation concerned have promoted equality and protected/promoted Kim's rights more effectively? The way that the care organisation could have promoted equality is to acknowledge the diversity of the service users and ensure they have equal rights and equal access, regardless of disability. In Kim's case the care workers need to put aside any prejudices and unfair discrimination because of his disability. The way that they could protect the staff is by training the current staff or replace the staff with new care workers.

They need to develop policies and procedures, charters and codes of practice. Also Kim's social worker only comes to visit every six months and by the next visit everything is forgotten. Therefore the social worker should see him more and she can help to sort out Kim's situation. Describe and evaluate one piece of legislation and one organization designed to protect and promote the rights of a person in Kim's position? One piece of legislation that is designed to protect and promote the rights of a person such as Kim is the Disability Discrimination Act 1995.

This act was introduces to reduce unfair discrimination on the grounds of disability. This act mainly looks at the right in three main areas, which are: – * Rights to employment * Rights to access goods and services * Rights to the sale or rental of land/property One organization that protects the rights of a person such as Kim is social services. Social services can protect their rights from being infringed. They help their clients in any way possible. How successful were the advocates who worked on Kim's behalf? Evaluate what made a 'good' advocate and what made others less successful?

The advocates that worked on the behalf of Kim were excellent and very successful. Ivan was Kim's advocate and he helped Kim a lot. He met every need of Kim's to the best of his ability. Ivan is not just Kim's advocate but also his friend. Throughout the time they have been working together they have built a trustworthy relationship. This is also a quality that Ivan has; he is naturally caring and understanding. One day Kim received a letter, Ivan opened the letter as Kim is unable to and handed it to Kim and left the room for Kim to read it in private. This is what I call a very good advocate as he gives Kim his personal space and privacy.

As Ivan is leaving at the end of the year, they need to find Kim another advocate, Greg is the new advocate. Kim and Greg both go on a vacation together. Greg is a bad care worker who only thinks about himself. Kim wants to drink coke but Greg can't find where to get the coke and he thinks its even more hassle to find a glass that Kim can drink out of. It doesn't seem that Greg is bothered. Also Greg leaves the map and the hotel and does not know his way round. Luckily the cameraman bought it with him. When Greg was asking for directions, he left Kim on his own on a busy road. This is what I call a bad advocate.

If we had more advocates like Ivan, it would be a much better world. Would self advocacy be an option for a person such as Kim? Give reasons for your answer. I don't think that self advocacy is an option for Kim. Not just because he needs someone to talk on his behalf but because his disability is very severe. He needs to be looked after most of the time under good care and supervision. I think with an advocate like Ivan it has given Kim a lot of confidence. No matter how many legislations there are to protect disabled people, it doesn't stop people judging, being prejudice and discriminative.

This is called covert discrimination. Throughout his life, Kim has been disempowered by a range of people and practices. Describe these and outline the discriminatory attitudes that underlie the practice. Throughout his life, Kim has been disempowered by a range of people and practices. The attitudes that underlie the practice are because Kim has a disability and he is not able to do anything for himself. He is often neglected and ignored. Kim's opinions and thoughts are not heard. When Kim's money and possessions got stolen the care worker just ignored him.

The care organisation treated Kim really badly and didn't really meet any of his needs. Kim took the organisation to court and only gained i?? 100 in compensation. What elements of risk assessments are discussed (or implied) in the video? What factors would need to be considered when making decisions around Kim? How might resource issues influence decisions about his care? The elements of risk factors which are assessed in the video are, how would Kim cope without Ivan as his care worker? How will he get on living on his own? As he wants to get his own place. Also he wants to do everything for himself.