Separation of Powers and A.n. Island

The dictionary defines island as “a tract of land surrounded by water and is smaller than a continent”. The one and only A. N. Island was made an official island by Peter Nguyen on December 17, 1990. He was traveling on the ocean when he bumped into a piece of rock. He didn’t notice that he had bumped into the Cave of Death until Death Bear came. He was lucky that he had weapons on his boat such as robogun that he had invented. As Peter defeated Death Bear, the villagers that had already lived there chose Peter to be their leader.

Because Khuyen Nguyen was his wife, she became the First Lady in A. N. Island. When his son was old enough, Peter chose his oldest son, Anthony to be his successor, and his youngest son, Kaden, to be Vice President. Peter still continued his mission as the leader of A. N. Island and was named Island Representative. He made alliances with President Ian when he was a President, and after that he made President Bradley an alliance. Because President Anthony was one of Diversatil’s founders, President Danny made him an ally. Together Presidents Ian, Bradley, Danny, and Anthony form the United Islands.

The capitol city of A. N. Island is the United Cities. However, this became an enemy target so the President now lives in the Ivan Towers in Hawaii City. The United Cities still remains the capitol city of A. N. Island. This island is the enemy of King DJ and his people. This rivalry started in 1990 when King DJ fought for land. The army of A. N. Island is very strong with motorboats, robocops, and especially Bobosoldiers. An extremely popular city in this island is Los Anthony. Los Anthony is famous because a lot of stars and celebrities live here.

People would want to settle here because of the terrific weather, global ethnic, food, and our customs. The weather in A. N. Island averages about 75° F in the winter and about 85°-100° F in the summer. Because my island only has two seasons, winters are not that cold. Like most places my islands my island gets our food from restaurants. Then again we also have markets. In the restaurants every server has a magic wand that cleans each table up. Settlers would love to move to my island because we have lots of ethnic diversity.

We have all kinds of races to communicate with such as American, African, Asian, Australian, and European. Unlike other regions of the world our island has very different customs. Of course people would love to live in my island since there is no tax! They still do have to go to work, though. The Government is split into four branches. We have the Administrative Branch, the Legislative Branch, the Judicial Branch, and the special Citizens Branch. The Administrative Branch includes the President, Vice President, and the Representative. Their job is to speak to other Countries, agree to laws, and speak out to the people.

Then we have the Legislative Branch which includes Senators and Dukes. The Senators and Dukes try to watch a certain area, and think of creative laws. The Judicial Branch which contains Supreme Courts, Judges, policeman, and other federal courts. They take care of laws that are broken, and other cases that cannot be personally resolved. Last but not least is the Citizen Branch this includes all the people that are part of the island. Our people have the right to speak against things that are wrong and worship their own religion. The government replaces taxes by having to special mekos trees.

Money in my island is called mekos. They are guarded by six robocops. Tourist will enjoy my island because of our weather and tourist attractions. As I wrote earlier the weather here is about 85° F year around. Our enormous Ivan Tower is one of our best tourist attractions. Ivan Tower was named after President Ian Simmons. Ian was one of our strongest alliances in the War of 1990 against DJ Island. Ivan Tower has a protection shield that cannot be attacked. The Tower is gigantic with a lot of workers. Tourists would love this because of the beautiful trees and flowers.