The Separation of Church from State?

I was asked to discuss a political issue from the perspective of political science. And while this is not meant to discuss the educational system of America, I will use the system of education to discuss a serious paradox that affects every citizen in some way, the separation of Church and State. Ever since the founding of this country Americans have been involved in what may be the most widespread, nation wide debate. This is the separation of Church and State. Now, before continuing there must be some definitions which must be elaborated on. defines religion as: re•li•gion –noun 1. a set of beliefs concerning the cause, nature, and purpose of the universe. This is what I will be referring to when I say the term religion.

When I refer to Religion I will be referring to the serving and worshiping of God, a god or any number of gods, or any mystic or supernatural being. Many people bring up the argument that prayer in public schools should not be allowed. That the ideology or the body of doctrine, myth, or belief that guides an individual, that is presented in the Bible should not be taught. That Religion should not be taught in any way. However, keep in mind that the Bible used to be a textbook in schools, also that, up until not too long ago prayer would be what begins a day at school. Christianity was taught as a subject, until the teachings of Darwin came along and suddenly evolution is the new curriculum, taught as fact when it is, in fact, still theory.

Now I do not wish for this to seem like a document exemplifying a type of xenophobia, or a fear of anything foreign or new but now teaching creation has become strictly about Religion and considered a violation of our constitutional rights. It is easy, at times to overlook the context when considering the founding documents such as the Bill of Rights or the Constitution. It is always made clear that one of the main points of these documents is the separation of Church and State. But if praying is schools is now outlawed, we cease to have freedom of Religion now we no longer have a separation of Church and State, but rather a separation of Church from State, which in and of itself is an unconstitutional use of authority, which is a popular and acceptable use of power. When our founding fathers wrote the founding documents, one of the primary reasons was to escape religious persecution after the English government sanctioned Catholicism. It was necessary to protect both Religion and religion from the government, not theother way around.

Although it would be difficult to find anyone who admits it, America’s new nationally sanctioned religion has become Atheism, which encompasses both definitions of religion that were previously stated. Atheism states that there is no God or gods, that both Religion or religion have no place in the world and that the universe solely exists scientifically. Evolution states that there is no God or gods, and that Religion or religion have no place in the world because the universe only exists scientifically. Teaching evolution, thus in turn promotes Atheism. This is unconstitutional. The First Amendment to the Constitution states that congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. So if schools must now teach Evolution as curriculum, as if it were fact, this in turn promotes it.

And if certain Religious acts like public prayer or the teaching of Religion is outlawed, this in turn prohibits the free exercise thereof. Is this constitutional? No. No matter whether religious citizens or not, all tax payer’s dollars, from all states go into paying the salaries of public School teachers. For all the texts, supplies, and man-power that aid the promotion of this godless or Godless curriculum. I am in no way saying that Evolution should not be taught in schools. Just the opposite, in fact. Evolution should be taught in equal measure along side any number of major Religions. Nor should prayer be mandatory at the beginning of a school day, however students who pray publicly in school should certainly not be prohibited by any organization, teacher, school, state, or government. That would just be unconstitutional, and we as Americans just cannot stand to be unconstitutional, correct?

It is simply un-American to prohibit the very actions and exercises that our founding fathers founded this country to protect. Both religion and Religion are an inescapable part of life and should also be a part of learning. Now Religion should not be taught from an aspect of what is true and what is not. But rather an aspect of, this is what Evolution says, this is what Christians say, what Buddhists say, what Muslims say, etc. all in equal measure. This is not something we can afford to be kept ignorant of. Now some documented facts are that ever since the feminist revolution and women started to join the work force in unprecedented amounts and leaving the tending of family matters to someone else, crime rates gone up as have the amount of people with mental disorders or conditions. Our county’s ranking in many categories has taken a downward turn and ever since prayer was banned in schools America has been at the head of divorce rates, homicide rates, suicide rates, and crime.

Also illiteracy and abortion rates and this is not just in reference to the Western world but rather whole globe. Now that last thing I would want is for any religious doctrine to be forcefully taught to students. But forcefully teaching a god-less doctrine cannot be permitted either. It is just unconstitutional. Some of the major religious world views should be taught in equal measure with evolution so that students can form their own opinions of the world. This paper was in no way meant to promote or discourage any particular Religion, religion, or any view for that matter. Nor was it mean to discredit the American system of education. The education system was just used as one of many prime examples of the unchecked, unconstitutional separation of the Church FROM the State that cannot afford to continue unnoticed. Take this discussion with a grain of salt but also to heart. It is up to us to preserve the very values that our founding fathers fled oppression to protect.