Self reflection group presentation

In this assignment I will talk about my reflection upon the course since I joined and how I’ve managed to work with team members to create a group presentation, and also what I have learnt from this. We were asked to create a presentation about a particular company chosen by us, and talk about the key management functions of the group. We then selected 3 different types of key management functions which we thought were important. We chose:

  • Human Resources
  • Marketing
  • Finance

My part was the Marketing. For this I had a few months to research the company thoroughly and put together a slideshow full of useful information. I went on to the GHD website (the company me and my group chose) and researched what was required in order to become a manager for the chosen role.

During the term, we had regular meetings, almost every week and discussed what was to be done next. Every week we would get a task set and everyone had to bring in their work the following week. I missed out on the first few weeks but then brought myself back into role when the time got closer and gave in 100%. I done my work weeks before and got the team leader to approve of it, he gave me feedback and I re-done the work and presented it again until the final draft was complete. We then put everyone’s work together and created our final presentation and scripts.

Throughout the weeks, I also learnt a lot about the management functions in the company, and how every function in businesses is very important. Most of the functions even link to each other such as marketing would need help from finance to let them know how much budget is allowed to be used for marketing. This shows that just the way companies need help within their business from each other, we also as a group needed to work together as a team and help each other out.

There was some lacking in energy during the beginning of the term about the presentation and for a few weeks, no one had done anything, but then we came together and started doing a lot of research about the company and 3 of us weren’t aware of what the company was like. Then eventually we saw a draft of the presentation and went ahead with it.

We unfortunately ran over the time limit and I think that is one thing we need to improve when we do another presentation. The person before me took quite a lot of the time and this was not expected, as he didn’t practice and time himself during the rehearsals and so I didn’t have enough time to say what I needed to. Timing is very important and I realised this on the day, because of us not practising as a group, this made our marks very less to what we expected.

I learnt that communication skills are very important during this presentation. It is extremely important that all group members communicate with each other. I think in the future I should improve my communicational skills with team members and should stay in contact more often.

During the presentation I was extremely nervous because of the amount of time that was remaining. To avoid the nervousness I looked straight at the teachers and just imagined that only they were listening to me, and also played with the cards I had in my hands. I found that this helps a lot as I usually fiddle with my fingers when I am nervous, so it looked as if I was looking for the correct card to read from.