Search for justice

Explore the way Arthur Miller writes about justice in a view from the bridge. Write about the characters search for justice and the feeling that the law is sometimes inadequate. Your answer must make direct reference to this as piece of drama performed to an audience. In a view from the bridge Arthur Miller creates a scenario in which the efficiency of justice is questioned by the audience. Eddie Carbone believes justice has failed him when he wants to prevent his niece from marrying. Marco also has justice fail him when he wants revenge on Eddie when he informs the authorities about him being illegal in the country.

In the opening scene of the play Alfieri begins by talking about his life and how the law operates in the area that he lives in "the slum that faces the bay on the seaward side of Brooklyn Bridge". He also talks about how he came from Sicily a place where the law is not a good idea but now he lives in New York a place where justice is very important and a place that is civilized "I no longer keep a pistol in my filing cabinet". The next time Arthur Miller mentions justice is when Marco and Rodolfo arrive at Eddie's house. Marco and Rodolfo are illegal immigrants so the American justice system would apply to them.

Eddie brings this up again when he thinks Catherine is spending to much time with Rodolfo "He marries you he's got the right to be an American citizen" Eddie says this because he believes Rodolfo is not being honest about his sexuality and thinks that he would only want to marry Catherine so he is not deported back to his country if he is caught. Eddie goes to Alfieri for advice on the situation but justice fails him because Alfieri tells him "there's nothing illegal about a girl falling in love with an immigrant" and that "you have no recourse in the law".

This makes Eddie feel rejected because it seems that the American way of justice and the Sicilian way of justice has failed him because if he goes to immigration and tells them of Rodolfo and Marco this will loose him the respect of his family and friends. Later on in the play Eddie uses the American way of justice but goes against the Sicilian one by calling immigration and telling them about Rodolfo and Marco, he does this because he thinks justice will help him get back the respect and love of his niece but it eventually means that he will lose everything.

While Marco and Rodolfo are being taken away he shouts out to the neighbourhood "that one! He killed my children! That one stole food from my children! ", when he says this Marco feels that the law is inadequate because he has come to America to work so he can feed his family, he also makes reference to the Sicilian way of justice when he talks to Alfieri "In my country he would be dead by now.

He would not live this long". Marco's search for justice eventually leads him to use the Sicilian way which is going to kill Eddie, however this will mean he is once again going against the American way of justice and will end up going to jail. At the end of the play Alfieri talks again about how in the end you shouldn't go searching for your own form of justice and just settle for half like he has done.