Satire vs Politics

I. Thesis statement: Like an open window, satire gives people a new perspective and vision on the things and issues they thought they knew well but others believe that it may be a destructive way to show and reveal every negativity about someone or something and neglect the bright side of things. II. Opponents think that the sarcastic way Bassem Youssef uses is a purpose to launch an attack or an onslaught using the wit weapon against certain authority or a certain person. A.

Revealing the bad sides in the government or in a certain person do not help the society to develop but rather takes it steps backward focusing on the negativity around. B. Covering the real image and real facts about people by focusing on criticism and mindless humor. C. Bassem’s show came as a magnifying lens to reveal both negative and positive aspects about the government and people in authority. 1. Leila Fadel in her article “Egypt’s Jon Stewart Says He Won’t Back down amid Charges” says that Indeed, it is a gloomy time in Egypt.

The political transition has been messy, marred by violence, human-rights abuses, economic downturns and a government struggling to find its way. Youssef addresses it all with humor. ” D. Bassem says “The press can bring its magnifying glass up to our problems, bringing them into focus, illuminating issues unseen. Or they can use that magnifying glass to light ants on fire. ” 1. Bassem Youssef is opting to be that magnifying lens by raising the bar of liability and accountability in the media. III. Satire is a double edged weapon.

We can take the best out of it or the worst out of it. A. Satirical shows like Bassem’s show concentrate on revealing the truth of some authority, the president, and the government through creating an indirect message by making fun of them. 1. “People like Steven Colbert, Bill Maher and Jon Stewart have a tremendous impact in actually making people aware of issues and history and make them more politically conscious,” said Joe Boskin, professor emeritus at Boston University, US, author of several articles related with political humor.

B. Sincerity and humanity of satire that makes it very valuable. it imposes the reader viewer to think carefully about his shortcomings 1. “Satire can increase cynicism and skepticism about politics – this can be good because it makes people more aware of flaws in the political system” said Robert W. Speel, Associate Professor of Political Science. C. While journalists reveal the current events happening in the world, it is the satirist who makes us defiance and encounters the evils that we commit ourselves.