Salic Law

In Salic law, besides the fact that it constantly contradicts itself, it is intolerably evident that women have very low value in this society. For example in Tile III: Concerning the theft of cattle, “If any one steal a bull belonging to the king he shall be sentenced to 3600 denars, making 90 shillings,” whereas in Title XIII:Rape committed be freemen it is stated that the most you can pay for raping a women is 2500 denars, 63 shillings with an unproclaimed penalty.

Although it does seem that a woman value increases when she is bearing children, but i assume trhis to be simply because the child is the air to the man, who is strongly implied in salic law to be the superior being. Good evidence of the societies stress on male dominance can be found in Title XXIV, where it states that for killing a boy under the age of ten is 600 shillings, whereas killing a barren women is only 200 shillings. Salic law also seems to have a hint of racism, especially toward Romans.

As in the law under Title XLI, where it clearly implies that killing a Frank or barbarian under the salic lawis simply anathema, whereas if you were to kill a Roman, At worst youd pay the price of 3 of the kings cattle, or by a distorted Salic veiwpoint raping 3-4 women. In other words 6 Romans are equal to the worth of one Frank who is in relation with the king (which seems to elevate your status, probably due to the fuedal system).

As shown throughout thoughts on salic law, I view Salic law as a moraly decreped and corruption system of governing, but perhaps one of my greatest disgusts with his particular set of laws, just under the whole moral dilema of the worth of women, is that you can pass your dues, if you have no money or property to pay for them, through your genitic lineage until someone has the money to pay it ( which if they have the money they have too).

The only accountance such a person has is if no one in his family can pay his dues he is put to death, which is not always equal to the crime committed ,But from an optomistic standpoint atleast he paid his dues.

In conlcusion, my stand on Salic Law is that in some ways, not all, Salic Law is immature, degrading, racist, sexist, and in some ways childish. I see no possible modern application of this governing system, as well as very little moral standing on the behalf of the people who concocted this incredibly decreped set of laws. But… as i think of it these laws in many ways, especially the worth of women, can be linked to modern Muslim belief.