Salaries to immigrants

In the Book, A Nation of Immigrants Again: The United States,(Joppke, 1999: p23-61) Senator John F. Kennedy states in 1958 that the United States had been a nation of immigrants again. He stated that the United States is a nation where all men are treated equal. At this time, America open its flood gates in order to welcome with open arms all immigrants from any part of the world. He described the United States as the asylum of all nations  However, the United States people have now looked badly at the unabatedly  continuous flow of immigrations twenty years after John Kennedy’s statement.

The immigrants were divided into the asylum seekers and the migrant workers. Thus there is a mixture of different cultures in the United States. (Joppke, 1999:p23-61) In fact, many experts believe that the immigrants, especially those illegal aliens from Mexico, are cause why the native Americans could not find a job or two. Many sectors believe that due to the low wages and sometimes unrecorded illegal workers, a few of the native Americans are forced to use food coupons in order to survive.

Also, legal and illegal immigrants are happy to accept  a low salary because such low salary is worth nearly a million in their own country. Likewise, many small companies hire these legal and illegal aliens because they are truly hardworking when compared to the amount of money that they receive. These same students researched on the options available to immigrants. The people they interviewed described their jobs in garment warehouses, factories, and as housekeepers.

Students researching with the agencies had the chance to see that many of these immigrants had no equal protection  due to of their status as undocumented residents of the country. To reiterate, these students could see that while many Americans oppose immigration because "it takes jobs away from Americans. More often than not, it is these middle class American families that are exploiting their nannies, housekeepers and gardeners by paying them low wages and making them work long hours".


We cannot deny the fact that some of the jobs that are being done by Illegal immigrants had indirectly caused an increase in the unemployment rate for the native Americans. We also cannot deny that many working visas have been given to nurses, computer scientists, school teachers and other related jobs. This is because many  of the small businesses would save a lot of money if they pay lower salaries to immigrants as compared to the native Americans. However,  reality is very opposite to the  statements given above. For, many immigrants do not take away jobs from their American counter parts.

On the contrary, These immigrants do create new jobs through the formation  of new businesses, spending their incomes buying American goods and services, paying taxes and raising the production of American businesses. For, it is the immigrants that are good for the economy. In fact, these immigrants pay taxes when they are inside there. In conclusion, the immigrants have helped keep the United States going with the amounts are made to pay each year Therefore, it is very clear that positive reasons far outweigh the negative reasons of immigrants working in the United States.

In fact it is vary disheartening to see that the Mexicans had to go around looking for jobs without the benefit of the law. Furthermore, the  Mexicans would say that they are working at low salaries and azardous working conditions if we will visit many factories or offices that illegal aliens have been hired. In addition, the illegal aliens complain that they do not have receive Welfare benefits. Thus, The positive impact of the immigrant workforce  glaringly outweighs the negative impact of immigrant workforce in the American Economy Because most of the immigrants do the jobs that  many native Americans abhor.


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