Salaries of Paralegal in Las Vegas Nevada

Salaries of Paralegals in Las Vegas Nevada vary depending on the nature of their work. Those engaged in corporate real estate paralegals get the highest salary at the average of fifty-two thousand dollars, while Immigration Paralegal legal assistant get the lowest at $13,000. Senior corporate paralegal receives slightly higher salaries with those at the real estate. Paralegal manager have an average salary of $64,000, while the general average salary of Paralegals in Las Vegas stands at $39,000 (Internet Source, Legal paralegal salaries in Las Vegas, NV).

The source however, noted that the Average legal and paralegal salaries in Las Vegas, NV are twelve percent lower than the average legal paralegal salaries nationwide. The Job Outlook for paralegal According to the article published by the University of Las Vegas, NV paralegal occupation has ranked among the fastest emerging profession. The article noted the results of surveys showing that the salaries of paralegals are rising at a remarkable rate.

Projections of the paralegal employment are that it will grow a great deal faster than the average for all employment through 2014. The article cited that as employers are trying to reduce costs, they increase the availability of legal services by hiring paralegals to carry out tasks previously done by lawyers. The article also envisioned that as competition for jobs will continue despite of projected rapid employment growth, those experienced, formally trained paralegals could have the best employment opportunities.

Is this Type of Employment Consistent with my Values skills, interest, and personality? I would definitely say yes to the question above. There is nothing bad whatsoever, about this paralegal profession and it is one of the booming employment profession with promising salary increases in the future. It is consistent with my values and it does not violate any ethical standard or the moral principles of humane society.

The job is descent, highly demanding skills, interpersonal relationships, and great intelligence as clients are very intelligent. In other words, the Job is challenging and very interesting. On the one hand, the job of the Law office manager is equally interesting and quite high paying, as this position does not much require great skills in management. Both these employment profession is seen as a growing institution that can generate more employment opportunity in the future.


Anywhere in the world particularly in the United States, the demands for paralegals are high. No doubt, it will be sooner that this profession will run short of its employees as the demand for paralegal is increasing at a great deal. However, despite of this, these do not mean that lawyers have no more jobs. It only means job is made easy for lawyers.


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