Safety Responses to Terrorism

Transgendered inmates are usually more vulnerable to physical and sexual assaults. This is because they behave in a manner which is contrary to their genitals. Sexual violence on the transgendered inmates occurs mainly in the male prisons. This can be attributed to physical and emotional strengths of the transgendered inmate. Females have lower physical strength compared to males; hence transgendered inmates in male prison will have low physical strength since their characters are more feminine. Because of their physical weakness, they become more vulnerable to violence.

Additionally, in the prisons they are individuals who hate and find transgender and other transsexuals to be abnormal. Because of much hatred, these individuals assault the transgendered inmates as way relieving their hatred or to transform them to become normal. Psychological damage People need to be treated and respected the way they are whether male or female. Females will want to be treated as females while males as males. This therefore implies that individuals are satisfied when they are appreciated by their identity and not by their physical body structure.

This is because females behave feminine while males are masculine. When a male is treated like a female, his ego is lowered and this could damage him psychological. This is the same case, with transgendered inmates they are being treated as members of the wrong gender. They therefore feel that they are not respected and appreciated as members of the society thereby leading to psychological damages. Inhibition of rehabilitation Prisons are supposed to be places for rehabilitating individuals who have committed crime.

Hence, are required to be peaceful and educative to the inmates in order for them be transformed for the better. However, when an inmate is facing problems in the prison, chance of that inmate transforming for the better is lowered. Transgendered inmates encounter many problems in the prisons such as physical assaults, sexual violence, and emotional damages, among others thereby making it difficult for them to become rehabilitated. Additionally, the fact that there is no law in place which can protect them makes the problems worse since they have no place to get assistance.

This therefore makes rehabilitation difficult for them since the law does not care about their needs. In terms of gender, women are treated as the weak part and thus require affirmative action to increase their strength. However, in my opinion all individuals regardless of their gender have their weaknesses and strengths. Women have their strengths and weaknesses and so do men. However, the elimination of affirmative action might affect the administration of justice for women adversely. This is because a large number of women will be exposed to discrimination, harassment, illiteracy and many others.

When a woman reports a case of sexual harassment, the case is decided on her favor in most cases thereby reducing to a large extent the occurrence of such incidences. This is because offenders already know the outcome of such an offense and hence avoids it. However, with the elimination of affirmative action the outcome of such cases will not be easily predicted or predetermined since the court decisions will not be controlled by gender preference. This could therefore lead to increased cases of harassment and discrimination against women. This is because offenders will not be scared enough to avoid committing the offenses.

In addition to that concrete evidence will be required for the court to make a ruling and this could lead to some offenders being sent free because of insufficient evidence. Consequently, illiteracy level in women might increase as a result of few women being admitted into the learning institutions. In most cases, men excel in academics as they score higher grades when compared to those of women. Because of limited capacity in the learning institutions majority of women will be locked out and hence will not be admitted in colleges because of the high admission grades required.

Consequently, with high illiteracy level in women, most women will be unemployed since they do not have the required educational qualities. Additionally, even with the required educational qualities, some employers will not employ them as they would prefer men of similar or even lower educational qualities. This will therefore increase the number of women who are unemployed.

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