Ryanair Holdings PLC – Strategic Audit

This following information is an overview of Ryanair's performance through the past year. Return on investment period ending March 31, 2007 was $577,778. Ryanair's market share is 29. 9% and profit margin of 19. 66%. Overall the current performance has been strong. Ryanair's current mission, objectives, strategies, and policies are clearly stated on their website; similarly their performance also implies their approach. Mission statement: "Ryanair's objective is to firmly establish itself as Europe's leading low-fares scheduled passenger airline through continued improvements and expanded offerings of its low-fares service.

Ryanair aims to offer low fares that generate increased passenger traffic while maintaining a continuous focus on cost-containment and operating efficiencies. " (Ryanair Ltd, 2008)Strategies: Strategy mix consists of being an overall low cost provider. Ryanair's mission statement and objectives are consistent with its strategy mix. The internal environment of the company is enhanced by conveying the mission statement and objectives precisely as stated. The external environment is seen by its vision, through their customers, the profitability, and the market.

(Ryanair Holdings PLC, 2007) Policies: The policies and procedures, including: checked baggage, cabin baggage, airline check-in, online check-in, boarding, flight cancellations or schedule changes, special assistance passenger, wheelchair assistance, ID information, children & infants, pregnant passengers, sporting equipment, animals etc. are available online at Ryanairs' website. From reviewing the policies they seem to be consistent with each other, with the mission, objectives, strategies, and with the internal and external environment.

(Ryanair Holdings PLC, 2007) Ryanair is a multi-domestic airline with its mission, objectives, strategy, and policies reflecting that of a corporation's international operation. The current methods of Ryanair ensemble their strategy approach and business style appropriately. The board of directors comprised of eight non-executive directors and one executive director consisting of David Bonderman, Emmanuel Faber, Michael Horgan, Klaus Kirchberger, Kyran McLaughlin, Michael O'Leary, James R. Osborne, and Paolo Pietrogrande.

All are recorded as external, except Michael O'Leary, he is the Chief Executive Officer of Ryanair Limited as well as serving on both boards, which are listed as Ryanair Holdings Plc and Ryanair Limited. "David Bonderman has served as a director since August 23, 1996 and as Chairman of the Board of Ryanair Holdings and Ryanair Limited since December 1996. He co-founded Texas Pacific Group, in 1992, which is a private equity investment firm. Now he's serving as an officer and director of the general partner and manager of the Texas Pacific Group.

Mr. Bonderman is also an officer, director and shareholder of 1996 Air G. P. , Inc. , which owns shares of Ryanair. Mr. Bonderman serves on the Board of Directors including: Burger King Holdings, Inc. , CoStar Group, Inc. and GemAlto N. V all are public companies. Emmanuel Faber has served as a director since September 25, 2002, and ia also serving as the Senior Vice President of Asia Pacific and a director of Groupe Danone. Mr. Faber is also a director with the Legris Industries.

Prior to these involvements he was head of the Mergers and Acquisitions and the Corporate Strategy department of Groupe Danone. For four years between 1993 and 1997, he served as a director and Chief Financial Officer of Legris Industries. Legris Industries is a French public company concentrating in mechanical engineering. Before this he held a few of senior positions in the Corporate Finance department of Barings Bank ranging from 1988 to 1993. Michael Horgan has been with the board since January 12, 2001. He is former Chief Pilot of Aer Lingus.

This is a window of opportunity for him to sometimes act as a consultant to several different international airlines, civil aviation authorities, including the European Commission and the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. In addition, Mr. Horgan chairs the Air Safety Committee of the Board. Klaus Kirchberger has served as director since September 25, 2002 and is also the Chief Executive Officer of Bayerische Bau und Immobilien GmbH & Co. KG. Approximately four years including 1990 through 1994, he was a Senior Manager at Pricewaterhouse Coopers in Munich, Germany.

He has held senior management positions at IKB Industriebank AG, Munich as well as being a qualified German lawyer and auditor. Mr. Kirchberger business relations comprise of being non-executive director of the German listed companies DIBAG AG and TTL Information Technology AG, as well as of Deutsche Immobilien Chancen AG & Co. KGaA and TTL International AG. Kyran McLaughlin has served as a director since January 12, 2001 and is also the Deputy Chairman and Head of Capital Markets at Davy Stockbrokers. Mr. McLaughlin is also Chairman of Elan Corporation plc.

In addition he serves as a director of a number of private companies. Michael O'Leary has served as a director since July 2, 1996 and a director of Ryanair Limited since November 25, 1988. Mr. O'Leary has been Chief Executive of Ryanair Limited since January 1, 1994. James R. Osborne has served as a director of Ryanair Holdings since August 22, 1996, as a Director of Ryanair Limited since April 12, 1995. Mr. Osborne was the managing partner of the law firm of A & L Goodbody Solicitors from May 1982 to April 30, 1994 and currently serves as a consultant to that firm. Mr.

Osborne also serves on the Board of Directors of a number of Irish private companies. Paolo Pietrogrande has served as a director of Ryanair since 2001. Mr. Pietrogrande is currently President of Netplan Management Consulting, LLC. Mr. Pietrogrande is also Director of the Executive MBA program at Alma Graduate School, University of Bologna. Mr. Pietrogrande's past positions include CEO of Enel Green Power S. p. A. (power generation in Italy, North and Latin America), Business Development Director at General Electric Power Systems, Europe+, Manager at Bain and Company, Vice President Marketing at Kinetics Technology International B.V and CEO of Nuovi Cantieri Apuania, a designer and supplier of merchant ships. "

(Ryanair Ltd, 2007) "Employees and officers (and their family members) may not have financial interests in any competitor, customer, distributor, or supplier where this would influence, or appear to influence, their actions on behalf of the Company (eg. holding shares representing in excess of 1% of the publicly traded shares of a corporation). " (Code of Ethics, 2007) There are several members in the board of directors that directly own a significant amount of shares.

As of March 31, 2007, number of shares David Bonderman owns 14,117,360, Michael O'Leary owns 65,000,016, James R. Osborne owns 1,410,256, Kyran McLaughlin owns 50,000, and Michael Horgan owns 50,000. In addition, Mr. Bonderman on the board of directors is an officer, director and shareholder of 1996 Air G. P. , Inc. , which owns shares of Ryanair. Insider information is prosecuted as seen fit through the law and this is clearly stated in Ryanair code of ethics, as stated Ryanair employees should not disclose any non-public information to anyone.

Ryanair stock is publicly traded as RYAAY and there are only common stock holder options, meaning there are no different voting rights. (Yahoo, 2008) The board of directors seems to be actively involved in the strategic management of Ryanair, with their superior experiences through other business transactions or positions they have a lot of suggestions and thoughts of direction to better the company. Press releases leave some proof that they are not merely rubber-stamping top management proposals. Example as included: 21-FEB-08 Ryanair Calls on Impact and the IAA to Publish ATC Figures.