Rules governing paralegal and legal assistance

Paralegal and assistance that falls under category of non-lawyers are prohibited to practice law any manner that represents the lawyer except by written authority by court rule. Insurance companies and their affiliate are not prohibited by the law to get involved in their lawful business if they comply with the constituted law. They may prepare agreements and other forms pertaining to their field like deeds, lease agreements in forms that do not need one to have training but to be endorsed.

A non lawyer is allowed to appear in representative capacity to any agency if only he is allowed by such tribunal agency. If he is an employee or a member or has any association with any organization may be allowed to represent the organization before administrative tribunal. A non lawyer employee of an organization is allowed by the organization to appear before the tribunal on it behalf but does not get compensation for such representation. The representation of a party by non lawyer is allowed if the represented party is aware the tribunal allows the representation of non lawyer.

Non lawyers are allowed to participate in neutral capacities, they may act as lobbyist, are allowed to sell legal forms of different formats but they are prohibited from advising another in regard to selection, use and effects of such forms. Non lawyers must respect tax laws, they are allowed to provide taxes advice of all kind. They may issue financial statements and advise third party in regard to any matter of accounts to any party or organization. (Marlene,1990) Conclusion

An unauthorized practice of law may course dare consequences to the clients who are not aware of who are real practitioners of law and those who are not authorized. With the regulation and restricting some services to MDPs helps in maintaining the lawyers and the clients. The state laws on paralegal eases the burden of ethical dilemmas thus raising awareness of the organizations and parties in having adequate knowledge on when and where to use paralegals and assistance.This has also set a limitation to unauthorized practitioners against harming the system or the clients.


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