Royal Enfield Research Paper

In 1863, Enfield Company was registered as bicycle manufacturing company in England. In 1913, Royal is added to the company name and started manufacturing motor cycles with own designed engine with 8 BHP to war department. In 1921, Royal Enfield has introduced 973 cc engine twin and in 1924, 350 JAP has been introduced. During Second World War, The models produced for the army were the WD/C 350 cc side valve, WD/CO 350 cc OHV, WD/D 250 cc SV, WD/G 350 cc OHV and WD/L 570 cc SV From 1955 to 1959, the vehicle is painted with Red and has been sold as Indian motor cycles by Indian Sales Corporation of India in USA and it has been stopped

Entry into India:The Royal Enfield two wheelers started selling from 1949 onward in India and the manufacturing facility is at Chennai. The flagship model is 500CC and it is in booking for 6 months in advance

Royal Enfield India:In 2000, the company was deceive and could not sell 2000 numbers against the 6000 nos of the capacity. Mr.Sidharadh Lal, third generation of the company stood up and thought to rejunuvate the company. He recruited Mr.Ravichandran as CEO who was having rich experience in TVS Motors and Bajaj auto Limited Rejunavation time:

Mr.Ravichandran understood the issues at the customer side and addressed by improving the engine by changing from cast iron to aluminum which improved 20% on fuel efficiency without changing the vibration and beat which is the most likely part of the Bullet. Also, the design of head lamp is changed according to the customer wants and after many sleepless nights of Mr.Ravichandran, he changed the gear foot lever changed from right side to left side as per the customer requirement after addressing the oil leakage complaints from engine sump and gear box

With that product quality is improved as per the standard and customer started liking again the product and recorded more than 10000 units in Oct’12

Changing time:

Mr.Venki Subramanian has joined the organization who is the successor of Mr.Ravichandran who has elevated as Board of Director, Eicher motors and he thought about the capacity and planning to double the capacity of 1.5 lacs units per year. Also, Royal Enfield has launched the product in Germany by 2008 which has given the significant growth to the organization

Challenging time:This is the time where the organization has the challenge about the competition. Harley Davidson has entered into India with prestigious models and giving the continuous advertisement to the market to attract the higher segment people from Royal Enfield. Also, Hero, Bajaj companies has expanded the product range and introduced such kind of products in the market with price competition Market strategy for Royal Enfield:

Now, The Royal Enfield has addressed the product complaints and improved the quality which is proven in the market and market share also increased significantly. At the same time competition also introduced highly prestigious models and price competitive models in the market. We need to understand the tough competition though the waiting period of 6 months for the product for further growth and market share. Because the relative industry is growing significantly by upgrading the product from the customers side

Royal Enfield is not entered into the advertising since they have sufficient orders in hand for continuous every six months. This is the major gap to be addressed and also the production capacity to be increased to sufficient level because customer will not wait, if the better option is there in the market

This relative industry is attracted by Indian Youths and so promotional activities to be focused on young aged people. The young aged people are noticing the advertisement in the restaurant areas, music channels. The attractive advertisement should covey the prestigious life and comfort driving in the country.

Also, need to convey the theme “value for money” to attract the upgrading customers from bike segment Also, Test the Best concept to take the trial to experience the product to realize the feel of the Beat and vibration of the product in the market. This will create the demand further for the product To tap the maximum potential and to increase the market share of the product, the production capacity to be increased immediately as per the requirement Also, the organization has to invest continuously to improve the design and quality of the product further to compete with imported Harley Davidson’s world famous products

With these 4P (product, price, position and promotion) strategy, Royal Enfield can improve the market share in the market