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In today’s World, vandalism is one of the most serious problem that must be overcomed rapidly. The meaning of vandalism is bad action or behaviour attributed generally violence like destroying public goods, common use areas,cultural possesion of goverment. Not only kind of vandalism whose target is people but also kind of vandalism whose target is cultural properties is serious trouble which called cultural vandalism. Cultural values are not being protected,urban configuration and having hostile feeling about other cultures are some causes of cultural vandalism taking place in the World.

First of all cultural values are not being protected against vandals is big problem that ends up with damaging properties. If goverments don’t prove enough security system vandals can reach to cultural values and make them damaging. Economic problems of the goverment or securities not doing their job very well, can lead to security problems,so it is possible that there is a vandalism. Besides that,in wartime ? t’s hard to protect cultural values from enemy aircrafts,soldiers,bombs or etc.

For example, It’s regarded as the German city of Wurzburg in Bavaria was selected as a bombing target by the Royal Air Force in the last weeks of World War 2 purely because it was easy for the bombers to find. The bombing on 16 March 1945 almost completely destroyed the historic old town and killed approximately 5000 civilians. It was made with huge amount bombs. ( Detlef Siebert ,British Bombing Strategy in World War Two) The other reason of cultural vandalism is urban configuration which structures the city again for advanced conditions. Since, while doing this ? t’s possible damaging to the environment and cultural properties by construction equipment or etc.

For example,on february,13 works began to extand the place arround the K and ? t’s claimed that the works had damaged to the porchs around the Kaaba from Ottoman Empire Era. A Saudi annalist stated that ”because of bad effects of Works continuing to expand this area is cultural vandalism,and must be finished immediately’’( ? rfan el Alevi,2013)To not cause this kind of situation it should be the first thing looking for the area around the Works field whether the Works damages or not. Another cause of cultural vandalism is having hostile feelings against other cultures and as a result it’s possible that be unwilling to keep diverse cultures properties in their own country. If goverment couldn’t prevent actions full of violent of those people having hostile feelings, cultural vandalism is inevitable.

Lack of education,ignorance may lead to kind of hostile habits. A person who has good education probably have an open mind and doesn’t allow himself/herself to think actions including violence even try to prevent bad actions of other people over him/her.

To sum up, although there are a lot of reasons why cultural vandalism exists to mention but a few , cultural values are not being protected,urban configuration and having hostile feeling about other cultures are really important causes of cultural vandalism. In my opinion, goverments should make provision against HYPERLINK “http://tureng. com/search/make%20provision%20against” vandals by increasing security system with creative methods,structuring the cities more carefully about cultural properties,providing more education opportunity to people living there and by doing do so people may have less hostile feelings about other cultures and could be more tolerant to other cultures. SEDA UNAL 110120287.