Roman Empire

Did Rome actually ”fall” with destruction? One of the causes of how Rome ”fell” was natural disasters. the second problem was the weakness of the Empire. Last is the strongest problem governmental issues. And that caused Rome to ”fall” with no other choices. The least hurtful cause is natural disasters. In document F it states (In Southern Asia the disease known as measles was common. ) In fact it was so common that Southern Asia lost nearly 75,000 citizens. ) In 366 CE the Roman world was shaken by a violent and destructive earthquake, it left the mediterranean dry by the sudden retreat of the sea {doc F}.

The plague swept across the land and left them with no other choice but to die. Rome and their failure to protect was unbelievably outrages. In document B it states Soldiers were exposed to wounds which means that they were most likely to get infections. With out amour it was complicated for the soldiers not to get wounds, scrapes or even try to avoid death. The brave soldiers were not trained hard enough to defeat some enemies. If the leader would have trained and prepared the soldiers they would have been ready to take on anything coming their way. The goverment issues gone down hill.

In 750 BCE the city of Rome would have become one of the greatest Empires but that all soon changes. Around 200 BCE the greek Empire was falling down, but while that was happening Rome was taking over spreading everywhere. Through the struggles Rome drifted through the 3rd century, survived the fourth, and staggered into the fifth as said in DBQ background essay. By all the wealth it was going out of control and life at the top was getting soft as stated in background essay. In addition to that statement {background essay} the Roman city was sacked by outside invasions.

The Roman city was in bad shape due to all the problems that the goverment was not taking care of. The first two century’s they were increasing power and then the stumbled and lost their power and success due to minor issues the Roman goverment should have taking care of before they got bigger and out of hand to were they couldn’t fix it. Rome didn’t litterly ”fall” it was just an expression. Rome and it’s society was so bent out of shape it just got to the point that it couldn’t be fixed. The problems and the situation just caught them by surprise and when it hit them, it was already to late and that was the end of the Roman Empire.