Roles of Law

In the United States, the Constitution is what represents the supreme law. It is one of the most important documents ever created in the 1700’s. The Constitution cannot be change. Instead, amendments are added to it. The first 10 of those amendments are called the Bill of Rights because it protects citizen rights such as freedom and property. All citizens of the United States have to follow and respect the law under the Constitution. Knowing the basics of the United States Constitution is important and will be discussed on this paper.

Also, it will be mention the power that the government have over the Bill of Rights, discuss the Commerce Clause and Supremacy Clause, and the laws related to my job. Federal government and state government have different views of how to handle the laws under the Constitution. . The Federal government only constitution is the United States Constitution. The state government has their own constitution inspired by the United State Constitution but shape by the state base on their own benefit. Each state constitution varies by state.

Although each state modifies its own constitution, before it can be validate, it has to be approved by the Congress of the United States. Only when is necessary, the Federal government should be involved with the state government. Under the Constitution of the United States, the government is divided into three branches which are executive, legislature, and judicial. Out of those three branches, state government points out that the judicial branch needs to respect the authority that the state has. The Bill of Rights is an important part of the United States Constitution.

The first ten amendments constitute the Bill of Rights. The Federal government power is limited due to the Bill of Rights. The government has not right to prohibit any of the stipulations that the Constitution includes on its ten amendments meaning that the United States citizens are protected under those rights and the Federal government are not permitted to violates those rights. The same situation happens with the state government. The state government has not right to interfere with the ten amendments establish on the Constitution.

In a few words the Bill of Rights protects citizens including from federal government and state government. Commerce Clause and Supremacy Clause are another part of the United States Constitution. According to “ Lawnix”, the Commerce Clause grants the power “ To regulate Commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes ”. The Congress plays a major role in the Commerce Clause because it controls the restrictions that other states try to implement when interstate is taken place.

The state government controls its domestic commerce with the only restriction that it does not interfere with interstate commerce. Otherwise, the Congress will have to take over domestic commerce in that state. The Supremacy Clause indicates that under any conflicts between the federal government and the state government, including the Congress, under the Constitution the federal law must be follow without any questions. This clause avoids further issues when another issue or conflict is being created. It points out from the start who to listen when either part can resolve a problem.

Any type of place of employment has to follow laws to avoid problems and to keep the order among its employees. In my years of working, I had work in various jobs and industries. I will say that one of the jobs that have followed the law the best has been Walt Disney World. I was not a lover of my job but I can guarantee that the company makes sure that everything functions legally and without major issues. It is an enormous brand that is promoted as the happiest place on earth and it cannot take the risk of having an image destroyed because of legal issues.