Role of goverment in promoting social welfare

Social work is recent branch of knowledge which is deals with the scientific solution and treatment of the psychosocial problems. Its main aim is to increase human happiness in general. Therefore, it is oriented toward the attainment of two ends, first, the creation those conditions which help to make a more satisfying way of life possible, and second, the development within the individual and the community as well as of capacities which help to live that life more adequately and creatively.

Definition According to Helen Wintner, “The prime function of social work is to give assistance to individuals in regard to the difficulties, they encounter in their use of an organised group service or in their performance as a member of an organized group. ” Prof. Herbart Bisno has defined the social in the following words, “Social work is the provision designed to aid individuals in single or in groups, in coping with present or future social and psychological obstacles that prevent or like to prevent full and effective participation in society; such services are limited on the one hand by agency function and the worker’s competence; on the other, by already established profession’s well defined functional area and by certain practices and prejudices”.

According to Indian Conference of Social Work, “Social Work is a welfare activity based on humanitarian philosophy, scientific knowledge and technical skills or helping individuals or group or community to live a rich and full life”. According to Friedlander “Social Work is a professional service, based on scientific knowledge and skill in human relations, which assists individuals, alone or in groups, to obtain social and personal satisfaction and independence. According to Khinduka Social work, help an individual in his social functioning. It is based on certain knowledge foundation, calls for skill in human relationships on the part of its practitioner, and has a set of values furnishing its philosophical base.